2003 Bond Project: Ridgeview Elementary School Classroom Addition

Includes the following: (1) twenty-one (21) general purpose classrooms (~725 net sq. ft.), (2) two music rooms with storage areas replacing one music room located in a portable building and 1 music room located on the campus stage, (3) two restrooms adjoining each pair of general purpose classrooms per the standard elementary school prototype design, (4)  supporting teacher resource areas consisting of a workroom, book storage area, faculty restrooms, and two resource rooms, (5) facility vestibule area and elevator, and (6) an athletic facility consisting of an oversized gymnasium with an athletic office, 2 storage areas and supporting general/public restroom areas to replace the existing metal gym along with a covered walkway connection from the new athletic facility to the new two-story academic building. 
Planning Estimate1:
$ 4,340,000
Start Date:
April 30, 2005
End Date:
July 2006
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