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2003 Bond Project: Olmos Elementary School
Classroom Addition

Project Completed
Project Details
This project replaces the existing portable classroom buildings and restrooms with permanent facilities as well as construction of a permanent music classroom to replace the music classroom located on the campus stage. The project includes the following components: (1) twenty-two general purpose classrooms, (2) two music rooms with storage areas replacing one music room located in a portable building and 1 music room located on the campus stage, (3) a counselors office area equivalent in size to one classroom to replace the counselors area located in a portable building, (4) two restrooms adjoining each pair of classrooms per the standard elementary school prototype design, (5) supporting teacher resource areas consisting of a workroom, book storage area, faculty restrooms, and two resource rooms, (6) facility vestibule areas, (7) general use restrooms, and (8) the standard prototype elementary school athletic facilities consisting of 2 gyms, 1 athletic office, and 2 storage areas to replace the existing metal gym which conflicts with the optimal location for the new academic building.
Planning Estimate 1:
$ 4,650,000
Start Date:
March 2005
End Date:
June 2006
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Chumney & Associates
General Contractor:
Browning Construction Co.
Browning Construction Co.
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