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2007 Bond Project: Richard A. Middleton Education Center (RAMEC)
Construction Management Office Renovation

Project Completed
Project Details
(1) Office reorganization and renovation consolidating all department functions on the 3rd floor, (2) relocate the main break room in the NEEC building from the 3rd to the 5th floor and create a more efficient layout, (3) renovate conference room 313.04 to reflect an orientation consistent with room 614 adding primary entrances from the main corridor for access.
The 3rd Floor office renovation project will be implemented in two construction phases: Phase I construction work consists of relocating the NEEC building staff break-room from the 3rd floor to the fifth floor and reorienting the 3rd floor conference/training room to provide direct access at two separate corridor locations; Phase II construction work consists of consolidating/renovating the various Construction Management Department office spaces.
Planning Estimate 1:
$ 500,000
Start/End Date:
Planning phase
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Rehler Vaugnh & Koone, Inc.
Rehler Vaugnh & Koone, Inc.
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Project Summary:
Site Plan
Floor Plans (PDF)

Phase I and II
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