2007 Bond Project: MacArthur High School Auditorium and Theater Arts Renovation

Create an orchestra-type performance area in front of the existing stage area; install a handicap lift for access to the stage to meet accessibility requirements; upgrade security and access to the existing sound and light control area through construction of an enclosed control booth to better protect sensitive controls equipment along with replacement of the existing sound and light controls equipment; general electrical upgrades for the stage area along with selective architectural finish improvements to the auditorium will be provided to fully support Fine Arts Program requirements; complete replacement of the existing auditorium seats to conform to ADA code requirements and the District standard (Irwin seating) will be accomplished. Also included: replacement of the lobby flooring adjacent to the Auditorium entrance by the Campus and additional flooring requirements resulting from replacement of the seats and acoustical wall treatments
Planning Estimate1:
$ 850,000
General Contractor:
Baron-Long Construction, Ltd.

1 The Bond Planning Estimate represents the original bond program costs developed during the bond planning meetings (November 2006 through February 2007) for each project and includes: Design Fees, Construction Costs, Technology Equipment and Installation, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment and Construction Management Costs. The School Board "approved" construction budget can be found in the project Bid Award Agenda Item and represents any/all changes to the project resulting from the design development process and/or construction marketplace and inflation costs. Current Program Costs for each project are summarized in the 2007 Bond Budget Report.