2010 QSC Bond Project Lee High School Old Library Renovation

This project will renovate the Lee HS Old Library space (7,240 square feet) into a flexible multipurpose room which includes large open areas to accommodate a variety of functions such as: faculty meetings, community gatherings, and student testing; a campus wellness center; conference room; three small meeting rooms; bookroom storage area; and upgraded restroom facilities. The project will also provide new interior finishes, windows, lighting, and flooring; HVAC system replacement; fire sprinkler system; hard-wired and wireless technology systems; and new concrete flatwork at the entrance areas.
Planning Estimate1:
$ 1,325,000
Start Date:
February 2013
End Date:
August 31, 2013
Photo Gallery:
Project Summary :

1 The Bond Planning Estimate represents the original bond program costs developed during the bond planning meetings for each project and includes: Design Fees, Construction Costs, Technology Equipment and Installation, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment and Construction Management Costs. The School Board "approved" construction budget can be found in the project Bid Award Agenda Item and represents any/all changes to the project resulting from the design development process and/or construction marketplace and inflation costs.