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Project Completed

2007 Bond Project:
Heroes Stadium - Athletic Complex

Project Details
Longhorn Quarry Athletic Complex
(Site Development Costs - 58.01 Acre Site)
Planning Estimate 1:
New Athletic Stadium Complex planned for the existing Bulverde Road 81.77-Acre Site (62.47 acres for athletic stadium and 19.30 acres for a school bus transportation facility) was relocated to the Longhorn Quarry 78.23-Acre Site (58.01 acres for development of an athletic stadium [Heroes Stadium] and 20.22 acres for the future development of a school bus transportation facility), thus freeing up the Bulverde Road site for development of a future elementary and middle school campus. The Site Development Costs at the Longhorn Quarry in support of the athletic complex ($8,473,516) were offset by the land acquisition costs avoided for a new elementary and middle school site ($10,500,000), for a net savings to the 2007 Bond Program of $2,026,484.
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Project Summary:
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1 Program Budget includes: Design Fees, Construction Costs and Construction Management Costs.