2007 Bond Project: Bradley Middle School Athletic Facility

  • Add HVAC to Existing Competition Gym and Locker Room Areas
  • Add Large Ceiling Mounted Fans for Air Distribution
  • Replace Existing Metal Gym with New Masonry Gym Facility (Revised)
  • Add Multi-Purpose Classroom to Replace Lost Shop Area (New)
  • Provide Office Area for Coaches and Gym Storage (New)
  • Add Weight Room adjacent to New Competition Gym (New)
Planning Estimate1:
$ 5,028,463
Start Date:
June 7, 2010
End Date:
July 31, 2011
Photo Gallery:
Silber & Associates

1 The Bond Planning Estimate represents the original bond program costs developed during the bond planning meetings (November 2006 through February 2007) for each project and includes: Design Fees, Construction Costs, Technology Equipment and Installation, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment and Construction Management Costs. The School Board "approved" construction budget can be found in the project Bid Award Agenda Item and represents any/all changes to the project resulting from the design development process and/or construction marketplace and inflation costs. Current Program Costs for each project are summarized in the 2007 Bond Budget Report.