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Why We Do What We Do


August 2011 - A new video is available describing “Why We Do What We Do.” This video discusses some of the changes and requirements at North East ISD since the first schools were built and the design factors of cost, size, and quality. Gary Sullivan, the Executive Director of Construction Management and Engineering, describes how the construction budget for projects is determined using complex forecasting models to execute the bond programs on time, within budget, and to meet the project scope. The video explains how State-mandated requirements, such as the “4 By 4 Initiative” and new science standards, affect construction budgeting and costs. Jorge Cabello, Senior Director of Construction Planning and Design, explains why and how we use sustainable “Green” building techniques and LEED design principals to create healthier learning environments for our students while saving natural resources and reducing operating expenditures. The video closes with an explanation of how the District funds operations and construction projects, and the role of the North East ISD Board of Trustees and the Community Bond Advisory Committee.

Watch the “Why We Do What We Do” Video