1998 Bond Program

1998 Bond Program Summary

Funding by Bond Sales = $366,870,000

Bond Interest Earned Revenue Projection = $43,425,000

Total Bond Funding = $410,295,000

Bond Constructed Projects with Major Focus:

  • Growth: Constructed 5 New District Campuses (Tejeda MS, Hardy Oak, Wetmore, Roan Forest and Royal Ridge ES’s)
  • Land: Purchased 1 High School, 2 Middle Schools, 4 Elementary Schools, Athletic Facility, and Satellite Transportation Facility Site
  • Campus Replacements: Replaced 2 Schools with New Facilities (MacArthur HS and Castle Hills ES)
  • Facility Additions & Renovations: Constructed various Classroom Additions at 7 Campuses (4 HS, 2 MS, & 1 ES) with a total of 92 New Classrooms
  • Extracurricular Programs:
    • Constructed New Fine Arts Additions at 9 Campuses (4 HS & 5 MS) including Band, Orchestra, Choir, Dance, & Art Rooms
    • Constructed New Athletic Locker Room Addition at Lee HS
    • Constructed Major Improvements at Blossom Athletic Center (Josh Davis Natatorium, Comalander Stadium Press-Box, New Tennis Center, Baseball Stadium Field Improvements and Bleacher Expansion, Soccer Stadium Fields Improvement and Bleachers Expansion, Littleton Gymnasium Admin Office Expansion & Interior Gym Renovations, and Piper-Bass Student Center Renovations)
    • Constructed High School All-Weather Surface Tracks and Middle School Cinder Tracks
    • Provided Title 9 Athletic Facility Upgrades at 2 Campuses
    • Constructed New JROTC Facilities at Madison & Roosevelt HSs
  • Campus Support Areas and Programs:
    • Constructed New Library at Churchill High School and Expanded Library Facilities at 5 Elementary School Campuses
    • Constructed New Clinics at 4 Campuses
    • Constructed Support Area Renovations at various Campuses
  • Technology: Provided District-wide Technology Upgrades including both Infrastructure (MIS & Technology Services) and Instructional Equipment
  • Food Service: Constructed District-wide (35 Campuses) Kitchen Facility and Cafeteria Additions & Renovations with Food Service Equipment Replacements and Upgrades
  • Facility Maintenance: Provided District-wide Capital Equipment Replacements for MEP & DDC Energy Management Systems
  • Roofing Program: Provided Roofing Replacements at 28 Facilities

For further information, please view the 1998 Bond Summary (PDF).