CM&E - Construction Management


  • Executes the bond-funded construction program
  • Provides oversight during the design development process to integrate lessons learned from previous projects
  • Provides field construction oversight for all bond-funded construction projects
  • Coordinates with campus staff during construction operations to minimize impact on campus operations
  • Executes warranty program following completion of construction projects

Our Staff

Photo - Larry Pearce

Senior Director -
Construction Management
Larry Pearce

Photo - Jeffrey Hoffman

Assistant Director -
Construction Mgt.
Jeffrey Hoffman

Photo - Orfie Cash

Administrative Assistant
Orfie Cash

Photo - Lester Powell

Lester Powell

Photo - Ronald Roeder

Project Coordinator
Ronald Roeder

photo placeholder

Project Coordinator

Photo - Jerry Padilla

Project Coordinator
Jerry Padilla

Photo - Ricky Reyes

Project Coordinator
Ricky Reyes

Photo - Gabriel Rymers

MEP Inspector
Gabriel Rymers

Photo - Arthur Rodriguez

MEP Inspector
Arthur Rodriguez

Photo - Shane Crawford

MEP Inspector
Shane Crawford

Photo - Oscar Jimenez

MEP Inspector
Oscar Jimenez


Photo - Craig McDowell

Warranty Manager
Craig McDowell

photo placeholder

Assistant Warranty Manager

Photo - William Jung

Warranty Specialist
William Jung

photo placeholder

Warranty Specialist

Photo - David Myers

Warranty Inspector
David Myers

Photo - Fred Camacho

Warranty Inspector
Fred Camacho

Photo - Kenneth Emrie

Warranty Inspector
Kenneth Emrie