Social Studies

Core Purpose:

The core purpose of the social studies program is to develop character and habits of mind that promote civic responsibility in a democratic society and interdependent world. 

Social Studies Graduate Profile:

Our students will be life-long learners who have a passion and respect for learning. They will gain an understanding of why learning is important. Students will see history as a part of day-to-day life. They will recognize and understand their place in the world and in history. Students will take an active interest in current events, viewing issues from multiple perspectives. They will develop cultural acceptance by listening, considering and evaluating other philosophies  and cultures.

Students will possess an awareness of “the torch has been passed” to them. They will assume the mantle of leadership – in whatever path of life they choose to walk. Students will assume civic responsibility. They will know and understand the cost and responsibility of freedom. They will be functional participants in our democratic system and know how to intellectually navigate their way through our complex society. Students ultimately will understand that they are agents of change in their world.

Student Social Studies Resources

Social Studies Games and Interactives :

Resources and Web 2.0 Tools:

Social Studies Weblinks :

Extracurricular Websites:


Social Studies Teachers:

World Geography/Pre AP World Geography::
- David Backlund
- Seth Livingston
- Susan Looger
- Amy Robbins
- Brad Robinson

World History/AP World History:
- Stephanie Carrier
- Carolyn Drechsel
- Pedro Hernandez
- Mitch Knauth
- Nick Makrus
- Chris Pelletier

- Seth Livingston

-Kristina Rumfelt

U.S. History/AP U.S. History:
- Sara George
- Mark Jedow
- Gloria Oropez
- Kimberli Smith
- Alex Williams

Government/AP Government:
- Irma Daniel
- Tom Erwin

- Megan Guest

_Kristina Rumfelt

- Carl Biggs
- Irma Daniel
- Alex Willimas

AP Psychology:
- Tom Erwin

AP Human Geography:

- Lisa Ortega


AP European History:
- Stephanie Carrier