Fine Arts Department

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Course #:  5680   
Credit:      1.0                           Grade Placement: 11 12
Prerequisites:            Teacher Recommendation
Course Description:  This is an accelerated music theory course that focuses on the principles of music composition.  Students will develop and master aural skills in music reading and sight-singing; will master melodic/harmonic/rhythmic dictation; will study form and analysis of musical composition; and will develop critical evaluation skills with regard to musical performance.  Attendance at a variety of musical performances is a requirement for this course.  Students will prepare for the Advanced Placement Exam through intensive study and analysis of musical examples in scores, recordings and live performance.  Students passing the Advanced Placement Exam will receive college credit.

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Course #:  I 5691, II 5692, III 5693, IV 5694   
Credit:      1.0                           Grade Placement: 9 12
Prerequisites:            Placement by Audition/Teacher Recommendation
Must be currently enrolled in band or orchestra class. Exception:  Guitar students
Course Description:  This course is offered for those students who are striving to reach a high degree of excellence in musical performance and who elect to schedule two music courses during the same semester.  Exception:  Guitar students.  Emphasis is placed on individual performance considerations with regard to specific instruments and the problems one encounters during performances on that instrument.
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