Fine Arts Department

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Course #:  1 – 5611, II – 5621, III – 5632, IV – 5642   
Course: Band I, II, III, IV
Credit: 1.0      Grade Placement: 9 – 12
Prerequisites: Placement of Audition/Teacher Recommendation
Course DescriptionDuring the fall semester, marching band is the primary performing organization.  Appearances at pep rallies, football games, parades, and other community gatherings require a substantial amount of out-of-school practice for students enrolled in the course.  Some campuses may offer concert band activities in addition to the marching band during the fall semester.

During the spring semester, students who have attached a high degree of proficiency on their instrument may be scheduled into the symphonic band.  Members of this organization will perform the most difficult of wind/percussion literature requiring that students be prepared to spend extra time outside of the school day preparing for performances.  Other students may participate in a concert band activity.

 Physical education credit is allowed for the semester incorporating marching band.  Up to two (2) units of physical education credit may be earned by participation in marching band.  Students may receive fine arts/elective credit for all semesters of band that are not counted toward physical education credit.

 According to the student’s proficiency, specific campus placement will be made in the appropriate band grouping (i.e., symphonic, concert, junior varsity, etc.).
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