Delta Devil Dogs

Delta Company CO - c/CPT Calejo


Howdy! My name is David Calejo and I am the Delta Company commander. My mission in to help train you to become physically fit, morally advance cadets. I strive for 110% effort at all times. And I instill a vision in my cadets to strive at being the best and never accepting less than the closest to perfection they can give. I will be there no matter what questions you need, please do not be afraid to ask me questions even if you’re not in my company, I’d be more than happy to help you. To all of you who are just starting here, welcome to JROTC and the charger battalion, lets all get out there and have a heck of a year!

Delta Company 1SG - c/1SG Falgiani

Delta Company XO - c/2LT Finch