Bravo Blades

Bravo Company CO - c/CPT Guajardo


I am Cadet First Lieutenant Erik Leija. I am the commander of Bravo Company. I apart from the Essex Rifle Team, as well as its assistant commander, and apart of the leadership division of the JLab Team. My goals for ROTC this year at the company level is to make my company the best that it can possibly be surpassing the standards of the companies that I have been a part of in the past. My goals for the Essex Rifle Team are to go to nationals and to possibly become nationally ranked. My goals for the Leadership Team is to make an exceptional grade on the test that are given and make it to Washington D.C. to take the national leadership test.

Bravo Company 1SG - c/1SG Chaimoon

Bravo Company XO - c/2LT Cavazos