North East Transition Services Frequently Asked Questions

-What will life after high school look like?

Transition from high school to adult life can be difficult! Students frequently have many questions and concerns.

  • How will my life change?
  • Will I go to college?
  • How will I get to places?
  • How will I see my friends?
  • Where will I live?
  • Will I have a job?
  • Who will help me?

NETS can help with these questions and many others.

-How is NETS different from high school?

  • Instruction in a classroom
  • Follow a bell schedule
  • School Bus
  • Teachers and Aides
  • Grades
  • Instruction in the community
  • Open scheduling using a watch and calendar
  • Move toward use of family or public transportation
  • Vocational instructors and job coaches
  • IEP progress, self-evaluations,
    employer-evaluations, promotions, raises

-What can NETS do for me?

  • Train on using public transportation
  • Assist in scheduling student activities
  • Assist in accessing adult agencies and services
  • Provide job coaching
  • Communicate with employers
  • Assist with career development
  • Teach skills for community inclusion
  • Assist with continuing education classes and various training programs
  • Assist with college preparation
  • Assist in developing life skills through a 'real life' apartment setting