Clubs are for 1st - 5th Grade Students!

DATES: Nov. 3 and 17, Dec. 1 and 15, Jan 12 and 26th, Feb 2 and 23rd

Student Council

Students in Grades 3-5. Student Council is involved in leading many different events around the campus, such as Red Ribbon Week and Veteran’s Day, as well as service projects dedicated to improving our campus. Students in 4th and 5th grade selected for Student Council will be eligible to run for a Student Council Officer position.


Sponsors: Mrs. Alavarado, Miss Owen, and Miss Gonzalez


*Dates are different: October 20, November 3, December 1, January 12, February 23, March 23, April 6, and May 11

student council


Running is fun and keeps you healthy. Join the Road Runners Running Club and enjoy running for the fun of it. We will participate in running games and activities as we keep track of our miles on individual pedometers. Our goal is to see how many miles our club can run during Running Club on Mondays.

Brain research tells us that running is one of the best ways to build new brain cells. While we keep fit, we’ll increase our brain power as well! Running improves learning in all areas of our life.


Sponsors: Mrs. Hurt, Ms. Clements and Mrs. Muhlenbruch


Students will be learning cheers, dances, jumps, and simple stunts. We will promote school spirit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Sponsors: Miss Cooper and Ms. Andrews


Gradening Club

Students will learn how to plant, water, and nurture gardens at school. 


Sponsors: Mrs. Mullinax, Ms. Domangue, Mrs. Kuenzi, Mrs. Flournoy and Mrs. Frazer


Computer Club

Get acquainted with iPads, VDI lab, laptops and more by designing small projects and sharing with each other.


Sponsors: Mr. Black, Ms. McFadden, Ms. Vickery and Ms. Rodriguez


Checkers Club

Students will learn game strategies and increase math skills by competing in checkers. 


Sponsors: Mrs. Lafferty, Ms. Carpenter and Mrs. Edgar.

Games of the Past

Students will learn to play fun and interactive games, such as jacks, Chinese checkers and hopscotch. 


Sponsors: Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Dittman.

Origami Club

Students will explore different origami designs, with the ultimate goal of creating something to donate or display. 


Sponsors: Ms. McKeen, Mrs. Schilhab and Mrs. Stephens.

Stacking Cups Club

Students will improve math skills by using strategies to stack cups. 


Sponsors: Ms. Schwartz and Ms. Gallegos.



Art Club

Students will explore art through mixed media.


Sponsors: Ms. Gilley and Mrs. Henning.


Photography Club

Students will experience the Art of Photography and learn the basic elements of taking photos.  Students will be given assignments, use their own equipment, and take photos on their own according to a theme (nature, angles, action),the best photo will be chosen to be printed and displayed in a gallery. 


Sponsors:  Ms. Moore and Ms. Kretz.