Kuder-Career Readiness Program & Assessments

Advance lifelong career planning and development for all students

Kuder is the provider of choice for educational organizations and providers seeking to develop or enhance their career and education planning programs. Our “custom fit” approach is all about tailoring solutions to meet your requirements – as well as the needs and challenges of your students – saving you valuable time and resources in development and implementation.

Kuder fosters unity and teamwork among all stakeholders, creating the ideal platform in which collaboration, innovation, and integration ensures the best use of resources.

We’ve worked with everyone involved in the provision of education – from home schools to secondary schools and districts, departments and boards of education, and organizations at all levels of higher education. Kuder helps them meet institutional, local, and national requirements ranging from individual graduation plans, core curriculum standards, graduation rates, retention goals, and more.

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Kuder, Texas

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