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Engineering & Technologies Academy - Roosevelt High School

ETA LogoThis program offers students the opportunity to excel in both academic and elective courses that are not offered in any of the other San Antonio districts. This academy offers up to 30 hours of dual college credit while attending high school. Students are involved in the Pre-Engineering program called “Edge”.

The Engineering & Technologies Academy utilizes the “Toyota Model” for building teamwork, problem solving, communication and creativity skills. The Academy engages students in engineering processes used in industry.

Upon graduation, students start their sophomore year at San Antonio College. Students also have an opportunity to be part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) program in their junior and senior years. Academy students have specialized internship and scholarship opportunities.

The following courses are offered as part of the Engineering and Technologies Academy:

  • Advanced Computer Programming
  • Computer & Internetworking Technologies I
  • Computer & Internetworking Technologies II
  • Computer Programming
  • Electronics (Tech World II)
  • Geographic Information Systems I
  • Research In Information Technology Solutions
  • Spatial Technology & Remote Sensing (GIS II)
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Web Technologies

For descriptions of courses offered at the Engineering and Technologies Academy, click here.

For more information on the Engineering & Technologies Academy contact:

Bill Sturgis, Director
Engineering & Technologies Academy
Roosevelt High School
5110 Walzem Road
San Antonio, TX 78218