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Mrs. Yolanda Benavides


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Ms. Debra Rush

Library Assistant



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Mrs. Benavides got her Master's degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Texas in Austin. Mrs. Benavides enjoys being a librarian because she has always loved to read.  When she was in third grade she read every biography book in her small school library.  Even today, Mrs. Benavides, doesn't let a day go by without some recreational reading.  It isn't easy as she is married and busy raising a family.  Her husband, Hector Benavides, is a P.E. coach at another San Antonio school.  Her eldest son is named Matthew and she has twins named Jacob and Joshua.








Ms. Debra Rush became

the newest addition to the Camelot staff. She began work on November 30, 2012. She is a San Antonio native that is taking on the challenge of keeping the Camelot library neat, attractive and orderly. She is a great addition to the Camelot family! Speaking of family, Deborah is the proud parent of two daughters. Her main goal is to motivate children to have a positive attitude and counsel them on the importance of a good education.