Handwashing Prevents the Spread of Infection


During this school year, we can prevent the spread of infection by encouraging students to wash their hands!!!!


Infectious microorganisms that cause disease -- bacteria and viruses -- are invisible to the naked eye.  Since kids can’t see these little critters on their hands, they don’t think about washing them off or they may think that handwashing is just a waste of time!


That is why we need to teach the students the importance of handwashing, and remind them to do it on a regular basis so that it becomes a habit!  Studies show that a person’s hands are the most common transmitters of disease.  Here’s how it happens:  A person with a cold coughs into his hand and then touches another student,  that person then rubs his or her eyes or nose, or touches his mouth, and the virus has a new home.


The single most important procedure for preventing the spread of infection to other people is handwashing!!!  Also, using common sense -- not sharing food, drinks or eating utensils -- will protect the kids.


Please encourage your children to wash their hands after using the bathroom, before and after eating, and after playing outside.  If they are sick, please encourage them not to touch other kids until they feel better.