Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies -- Are They Affecting Your Child In School?


Seasonal allergies, which doctors call allergic rhinitis, affect up to 30 per cent of Texas school children every year.  It is estimated that allergies are responsible for school children missing 140,00 school days each year.


Common symptoms of childhood allergies include:


  • ·        watery, red eyes
  • ·        nasal congestion
  • ·        drowsiness
  • ·        irritability
  • ·        itching of eyes and nasal passages
  • ·        sneezing
  • ·        fatigue.
  • What if allergy symptoms aren't treated?
  • ·        short attention span
  • ·        drowsiness
  • ·        fatigue
  • ·        distraction of sneezing and nose wiping
  • ·        trouble hearing due to blocked ear tubes
  • ·        headaches due to filled or blocked sinus cavities
  • ·        trouble sleeping, which may lead to poor concentration
  •       If your child has these symptoms, an allergist or pediatrician or family practitioner should be consulted to evaluate and recommend treatment.  Proper treatment can help the child feel better and those allergy symptoms won’t interfere with school.



Treatment for Seasonal Allergies

Doctors usually recommend

    • ·        that the child avoid whatever is triggering his allergy
    • ·         non-sedating antihistamine (won’t cause drowsiness), which is only available with a prescription
    • ·        a nasal spray.