Welcome To Care to Share

Care to Share is a pilot program designed to help all NEISD students obtain home computer access. Every year, NEISD replaces anywhere from hundreds to thousands of classroom computers that are 5 years old or more. Because keeping our classroom technology up to date is a priority, that means we have thousands of computers on hand that can either be sold wholesale on the auction block, disposed of, or refurbished and given away for free to Northeast ISD families. In the past, our district has either disposed of these computers securely or auctioned them off to the highest bidder. This year several campuses have come together with the help of technology teachers and students to generate a production line. Older computers are now securely wiped clean of all sensitive data, cleaned up, given new software, and distributed free of charge to students at selected campuses. NEISD hopes to expand this program from 5 campuses in 2009-2010 to 25 campuses in 2012-2013.