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Last Name  First Name Title  Email Website
Anderson Claudia Special Ed cjones6@neisd.net Web Page
Arce Ruben Teacher SPED Resource rarce@neisd.net Web Page
Bellamy Emily Special Ed Resource ebella@neisd.net Web Page
Bennett Michele Librarian mbenne11@neisd.net Web Page
Blank Melissa Teacher 1st ESL mblank1@neisd.net Web Page
Bowles Mary Cafeteria Manager cfmgr142@neisd.net Web Page
Boyce Brogan 4th Grade bboyce@neisd.net Web Page
Brown Erin Teacher 5th ebrown@neisd.net Web Page
Bussey Chelsea Counselor cbusse@neisd.net Web Page
Butcher Ashley Teacher 4th a-butch@neisd.net Web Page
Byars Beth Teacher 4th bbyars@neisd.net Web Page
Carrillo Elaine Teacher 2nd ecarri3@neisd.net Web Page
Carroll Gemell Teacher 2nd gcarro@neisd.net Web Page
Choi Yoona Teacher 3rd ychoi1@neisd.net Web Page
Clay Leslie Teacher 1st ESL lclay@neisd.net Web Page
Click Michelle Teacher SPED ALE mclick@neisd.net Web Page
Coley Carol Teacher 2nd ccoley@neisd.net Web Page
Comalander Valerie Clinic Assistant vcomal@neisd.net Web Page
Costilla Stephanie Teacher K scosti@neisd.net Web Page
Daley Erin Speech Language Pathologist edaley@neisd.net Web Page
Davenport-Hardy Tanja Teacher 3rd ESL tdaven2@neisd.net Web Page
Davis Natalie Teacher 5th ndavis1@neisd.net Web Page
De Alba Theresa Teacher 4th tdealb@neisd.net Web Page
Deleon Melinda Counselor mdeleo3@neisd.net Web Page
Faulstich Julie Teacher PE jfauls@neisd.net Web Page
Floyd Cheryl Teacher 3rd cfloyd@neisd.net Web Page
Fouts Juliana Teacher 3rd jfouts@neisd.net Web Page
Germadnik Kacie Teacher GT kgerma@neisd.net Web Page
Ghebretinsae Sorense Alganesh Food Service Assistant aghebr@neisd.net Web Page
Gildon Julie Registered Nurse jgildo@neisd.net Web Page
Gloege Amy Teacher 3rd agloeg@neisd.net Web Page
Gonzales Ybeth Food Service Assistant ygonza4@neisd.net Web Page
Green Stephanie Instructional Interventionist (IIT) sgreen3@neisd.net Web Page
Gregory Ashley Teacher PE agrego1@neisd.net Web Page
Griffin Melanie Teacher 1st mgriff@neisd.net Web Page
Guerra Martha Food Service Assistant mguerr28@neisd.net Web Page
Hernandez Cristal LSSP cherna5@neisd.net Web Page
Herrera Ana Instructional Assistant - ES aherre24@neisd.net Web Page
Hunt Lou Teacher K lhunt1@neisd.net Web Page
Joyce Cynthia Teacher 1st ccole8@neisd.net Web Page
Kalifa Anid First Grade Teacher akalif@neisd.net Web Page
Keller Katie Ready-Set-Go Assistant kkelle@neisd.net Web Page
Lamorella-Fenechi Lisa Teacher 2nd llamor@neisd.net Web Page
Lynch Mary Teacher 3rd Grade mlynch@neisd.net Web Page
Maciolek Renee Admin Asst to Principal - ES rmacio@neisd.net Web Page
Madera Silvia Food Service Assistant smader@neisd.net Web Page
Marelli Vanessa Teacher 4th vmarel@neisd.net Web Page
McCaffrey Emma Teacher 3rd ESL emccaf@neisd.net Web Page
McCarthy Steven Assistant Principal - ES smccar@neisd.net Web Page
McCoy Michelle Principal - ES mmccoy@neisd.net Web Page
Melendez Javier Teacher 5th jmelen@neisd.net Web Page
Millan Maria Food Service Assistant mmilla@neisd.net Web Page
Molina Stephanie Instructional Assistant - ES smolin@neisd.net Web Page
Montemayor Jennifer Teacher K jmonte@neisd.net Web Page
Morris Amanda Teacher Music amorri7@neisd.net Web Page
Nash Kaci 3rd Grade knash1@neisd.net Web Page
Neuman Erika Teacher 5th eneuma@neisd.net Web Page
Parker Jennifer Teacher 2nd jparke@neisd.net Web Page
Plucheck Katelyn Teacher 3rd kpluch@neisd.net Web Page
Plummer Kimberly Teacher 4th ESL kplumm1@neisd.net Web Page
Powers Sally Office Assistant - ES spower@neisd.net Web Page
Rader Kerri Teacher 4th krader@neisd.net Web Page
Rand Stefanie Teacher SPED Co-Teacher srand@neisd.net Web Page
Richard Lindsay Kinder lricha@neisd.net Web Page
Saenz Michele Teacher Ready, Set, Go msaenz4@neisd.net Web Page
Sananikone Joann Special Ed Assistant jsanan@neisd.net Web Page
Sears Amber Teacher 1st asears@neisd.net Web Page
Shapansky Allison Teacher 3rd ashapa@neisd.net Web Page
Short Chelsea Teacher Music cshort@neisd.net Web Page
Sierra Juana Food Service Assistant jsierr3@neisd.net Web Page
Stanush Sheri Teacher SPED Resource sstanu@neisd.net Web Page
Stephens Angela Speech asteph@neisd.net Web Page
Stocker Wendy Teacher 2nd wstock@neisd.net Web Page
Swoveland Debra Special Ed Assistant dswove@neisd.net Web Page
Thor Haley Kindergarten Teacher hthor@neisd.net Web Page
Valdez Theresa Office Assistant - ES tvaldez@neisd.net Web Page
Valdez Deborah Teacher 5th dvalde2@neisd.net Web Page
Van Cleave Heather ALE hvancl@neisd.net Web Page
Vasquez Edward Teacher 5th evasqu2@neisd.net Web Page
Villanueva Genevieve Teacher 5th gvilla3@neisd.net Web Page
Ward Cynthia Teacher K cward@neisd.net Web Page
Weber Amanda Special Ed Assistant acrisp@neisd.net Web Page
Wood Lisa Teacher K lwood3@neisd.net Web Page
Zinnecker Tiffany Teacher 2nd tzinne@neisd.net Web Page