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HUman Sexuality and Abstinence Education

In North East ISD, we use the Choosing the Best Human Sexuality and Abstinence Education curriculum. This abstinence based program begins in 6th grade Health and continues into 7th and 8th grade Physical Education classes. In order for a student to participate in this program, a signed permission slip must be filled out by their parent or legal guardian. The curriculum is available to preview at your student's campus during "Parent Preview." Please view the calendar to see dates of the Parent Previews.

Choosing the best way

6th Grade: The 6 lessons focus on students learning how to make decisions, assess relationships, and choose abstinence.

Choosing the Best Path

7th Grade: Eight lessons cover the myths of “safe” sex and the benefits of abstinence, reinforcing character traits such as respect, courage and perseverance.

Choosing the Best Life

8th Grade: The curriculum empowers students to form healthy, positive relationships and focuses on character traits such as compassion, respect and responsibility. Eight lessons dynamically reinforce abstinence through real-life teen stories and role-play.

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