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Information on Big Decisions

Big Decisions is the framework of our Human Sexuality and Abstinence Education curriculum. The lessons for Big Decisions may be viewed by clicking here - Redirect to Big Decisions website. Please note that Activity 2.1 from Big Decisions has been removed and is not included within our instruction.

Within this framework of Big Decisions, students also view educational videos related to lesson topics, receive information on breast and testicular self-exams, receive legal information, see a presentation by the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, and do additional reading and group presentations based on Seductive Delusions: How Everyday People Catch STDs authored by Dr. Jill Grimes.


The presentation by the San Antonio AIDS Foundation includes a presenter/educator and a person living with HIV or AIDS. Their educational presentation reinforces content learned from Big Decisions, and the personal testimony gives students an insight on how HIV or AIDS can affect a person's actual life.


All students participating in the Human Sexuality and Abstinence Education portion of the high school health curriculum must have a permission form on file with a YES. If a student does not have this form, they complete an alternate assignment, in another designated location. Parents have the option of opting their child in or out of the entire curriculum or specific lessons or topics. Instruction will be tailored accordingly.


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