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February 13, 2012

PiBoard Presentation

Athletic Department Staff Members Recognized by NEISD School Board

The five individuals shown in this picture were recently recognized by the Superintendent at his monthly awards program and also by the North East Board of Trustees.  Listed from left to right are Rene Rodriguez, Megan Hoyer, Rachel Taylor, Katie Steinhoff and John Carollo who acted with great expertise and care for two North East community members at recent Blossom Athletic Center events. 

Rene, Megan and Rachel worked feverishly to save an individual who was swimming at the aquatic center.  Their efforts were noted by other community members and the Athletic Department is proud of their exemplary efforts.

Shortly after the incident at the pool, on the same day, a man experienced what was believed to be a stroke while viewing a soccer tournament.  The actions of our two trainers, Katie and John, were credited with saving the gentleman’s life.  The North East Athletic Department is proud to recognize these five employees who performed their duties with poise and skill in critical situations.

Date Posted: 2/16/2012 Posted By: Rose Castle