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NEISD Unity Conference

unity photoUnity, tolerance, acceptance, and knowledge of other’s perspectives are all concepts that are hard to define, yet critical for success in our world today.  NEISD, through the STAN Counselors and the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities, sponsor the Unity Conference (s) each year. 

The Unity Clubs and Unity Conference are about defining these concepts through action and attitude

The student groups work to remove artificial barriers on each individual campus by promoting activities that bring different groups of people together to achieve a common concern.

The Unity Conferences focus on the development of attitudes and leadership that will assist students in the work on their individual campuses.


October 30, 2014

Theme Idea: Focus on What Matters

crowd unity

--->click here to watch Lipdub

What a wonderful turnout for the NEISD Unity Conference held October 30, 2014. Approximately 30 students per high school were in attendance along with all the STAN Counselors, Unity Club Sponsors and mascots. The conference theme this year was “Focus on What Matters” and it started out with Noel Pompa. Noel has a great personality and got the kids all excited to be there and comfortable with each other. Next, we had Marc Cross from Jordan Ford as the main speaker. He did a tremendous job with teaching the kids about the importance of unity amongst each other and how it plays into the workplace. After the speaker, we had the video team from Churchill come and assist us with making a lip dub to Taylor Swift’s new song “Shake it Off”. It was important for our students to show their thoughts on how to shake off all the negativity that comes their way. We can’t wait to share the video with everyone once the video team puts it all together. Such great team work with everyone involved.

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Noel Pompa


marc cross

Marc Cross




This year's theme was Ripple Effect - how our actions can affect others positively or negatively.


Students from each high school met at Piper Bass Student Center to discuss and share ideas for uniting students on campus.



October 5, 2012

Theme: No Place For Hate



October 7, 2011

Theme: Built Tough

Purpose: building resiliency in students. Students return to campus and spread the information out to students there.

unity 10.7.2011 photo

February 18, 2011

Guest Speaker: Melvin Echard, Johnson High School Assistant Principal

Presented by: NEISD STAN Counselors

Special Thanks to : Pat Sanford, Director of Leadership


Students who want to see change, come together to share ideas, meet new people and make a difference in the district.


  • Recruit student leaders from diverse backgrounds to examiine their own biases and work to overcome them
  • Provide the necessary skills to speak out against hate and injustice
  • Teach postive communication and leadership skills
  • Have students create a plan to include new or uninvolved students in school activities.

Questions answered by UNITY Club Officers:

  • What is Unity Club?
  • Why is Unity Club needed?
  • What our Unity Club has done?
  • What are the best things about being in the Unity Club?
  • What is Unity Club planning on doing?
  • What does it cost me and how do I join?
  • What differences/impact has Unity Club made on our campus?

The Balloons activity encouraged students to explore their individual and community strengths.

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  • 2010 Unity Conference


February 5, 2010

Keynote: Jeff Yaldern, Palmer Drug Abuse Program

Facilitated by: Pat Sanford, Director of Leadership/Safe & Drug Free Schools and NEISD STAN Counselors

Special Thanks to: Joe Reasons, Executive Director of High School Campus Adminstration

High School students from across the district will have the opportunity to come together to learn what is happening on other campuses to promote a safe and welcome school climate. The students participate in discussions with other students and adult leaders about the barriers between and among student groups that can hinder communication and a sense of community.

By the end of the conference, students will have a plan for their own campus and community. Click here to view 2010 Unity Conference

165 NEISD High School Unity Club student attended this conference.