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PALS Mission Statement

Peer Assistance Leadership and Service (PALS) is committed to providing students with trained peer helpers who promote a positive, supportive and productive school experience for students throughout the district.



PALS Training Includes:

Leadership Skills
• Communication Skills
• Group Dynamics
• Confidentiality
• Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation



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PALS Peer Assistance Leadership and Service is an award winning, non-profit program providing effective training in "resiliency" strategies. The PALS peer helping program combats problems such as violence in schools, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, gang participation and school dropouts by providing a critical line of defense both at school and in the home through building peer helping programs all across the United States of America.


High School PALS Teachers

* Churchill - Frauke Steinmeier and Ron Harris

* ISA - Cacey Wells

* Johnson - Leah Plumas and Miguel Avila

* Lee - Art LeSieur and Norma Jaime-Hernandez

* MacArthur - Stephanie White and Karin Montemayor

* Madison - Trish Taksa and Wolanda Whitaker

* Reagan - Suellen Foxhall and Jennifer Esparza

* Roosevelt - Mary Thompson



Middle School PAL Teachers

* Bradley - Amy Ballenger

* Bush - Gabe Rosique

* Driscoll - Heather Jimenez

* Eisenhower - Amanda Jeffries

* Garner - Lynnet Rodriguez

* Harris - Heather Gafke

* Jackson - Noel Braswell

* Krueger - Erin Hughes

* Lopez - Melissa Volz

* Nimitz - Ed Mendez

* Tejeda - Desiree Kloza

* Tex Hill- Tiffany Klepper-Vasquez

* White - Gralin Vinning

* Wood - Heather Guckian



PALS Service Adds Value. PAL students provide assistance to students on their own school campuses and feeder middle schools and elementary campuses. The goal of PALS students is to help students feels connected to their school and community so that they can be successful academically and socially. The following pages highlight each of PALS classes at North East Independent School District campuses.



Special Thanks to the NEISD Middle School and High School Principals, Assistant Principals, STAN Counselors and School Counselors for the support they give to make this program a success!


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neisd logoNorth East Strengthens PALS Program in Texas


The North East PALS program is one of the oldest, most respected PALS programs in Texas and has features unique to NEISD. In North East, every high school and middle school has one or more PALS classes, all PALS teachers receve New PALS Teacher training before they begin teaching PALS, and teachers receive ongoing staff development annually. Students attend training retreats at the beginning of each year and receive additional training throughout the year. All PALS are trained peer mediators.

PALS is a premier leadership development program that is the student portion of Safe and Drug Free Schools in North East. North East ISD and Austin ISD were the first PALS classes was taught. Grant Thomas, the founder of PALS, and HillCo Partners, a major counsulting firm, are collaborating to expand PALS so that students everywhere can benefit from the PALS philosophy of student engagement, role modeling, mentoring, and school and community service.

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