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madison jacob's game 3.2013


madison kiss the goat 3.2013

Gretchen Barrerra & Ashley Yow, PAL Teachers

madison logoMadison PALs

March, 2013 - Jacob's game- Madison PALs sponsors Jacob, a little boy from Harris MS, who has Muscular Dystrophy. Madison PALs took Jacob to a basketball game and dedicated the game to him. The team also signed a shirt and took pictures with him. This is one event (out of many)for our "MDA" week to raise money for the MDA walk on March 2.



Kiss the Goat- In order to raise money for the MDA walk, Madison PALs held a "Kiss the Goat" fundraiser. Many teacher volunteered and who ever raised the most money had to kiss a goat! Well you guessed it... PALs raised the most for their PAL teacher Ms. Yow. However, since Ms. Barrera snuck in Ms. Yow's name with out her knowing, they both agreed to kiss a goat. It was for a great cause!!!


madison 2.13 tour schools

Gretchen Barrerra & Ashley Yow, PAL Teachers

madison logoMadison PALs

February, 2013 - Madison PALs and FCCLA worked at the rodeo giving school tours to elementary classes, typically ones from less privileged areas. The students worked all day showing the elementary students around the rodeo and through all the animal exhibits.

Churchill PALs volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

Melody Patton & Belinda Medellion, PAL Teachers

churchill logo Churchill PALs

February, 2013 -Churchill PALs volunteered to work on a home with Habitat for Humanity. The group of 30 students met on Saturday, Feb. 2 at 1001 Harriman Place on the city's west side.

The PALS and their teachers Melody Patton and Belinda Medellin split up the job duties to help complete the home.

Job assignments included caulking, painting, putting on siding, framing windows, putting up a shed, and measuring and cutting wood.

Nov. madison fund raiser 11.2012 backpacks madison 11.2012

Gretchen Barrerra & Ashley Yow, PAL Teachers

madison logoMadison PALs

November, 2012 - Madison PALs collected a TON of food and supplies to stuff into backpacks for the homeless students at Madison to take home over the Thanksgiving break. Teachers and students contributed to this great cause. After the back packs were stuffed, the STAN Counselor handed out the backpacks to the students that needed them. The PALs did the same thing for the Christmas break.

lee 2.17.2012

Jennifer Schaefer and Norma Jaime-Hernandez, Lee PAL Teachers

lee logoLee PALs

February 17, 2012 - the Lee and MacArthur Student Council teams sponsored a 'kick out cancer' event. Both schools sold purple shirts as a college fundraiser for the children of teacher Mindy Lanoux who lost her battle with cancer earlier this  year. Mrs Lanoux taught at both MacArthur and Lee and was a great influence on her students. Several of the Lee PALs supported the cause and purchased a purple shirt and wore it for the 'purple-out' soccer game between Lee and MacArthur!


churchill 1.27.2012

Dawn Wales and Yuka Kato, PAL Teachers

churchill logo Churchill PALs

January 25, 2012 - Churchill PALs at Habitat for Humanity. We learned how to put down tile flooring, as well as how to pick it back up again.  :)  We could now hire out as a crew!


Leah Plumas, PAL Teacher

Campus Logo Johnson HS PALs

January, 2012 - Our Johnson PAL students meet with our Cibolo Green Champion students weekly.     They serve as enrichment tutors and mentors.   Activities vary from working on geography and math assignments to shooting hoops or playing a board game during a visit.   Cibolo Green students are selected to participate by their classroom teachers.  This year, Johnson PAL students can be found helping, inspiring and encouraging our CG Champions every Tuesday and Wednesday.


roosevelt 12.2011

Mary Thompson , PAL Teacher

roosevelt logoRoosevelt HS PALs

December, 2011 - For the past six weeks, the Roosevelt PALs have been collecting change to purchase winter clothing for our students serviced by McKinney-Vento. Last week we purchased the items, and this morning, Michael Jones visited our campus to collect the clothing. The students learned valuable lessons about helping others in need and how difficult it can be to work within a small budget.

reaganes 122011

Suellen Foxhall and Ivonne Ruiz , PAL Teachers

reagan logoReagan ES PALs

December, 2011 - Reagan Elementary PALs proudly collected $900 to help build a school in Africa under Jessica Frye's Project.  We were able to make the donation in person to Jessica when she visited us before the Christmas break.

reagan 12.2011

Jennifer Esparza, PAL Teacher

reagan logoReagan HS PALs

December 12, 2011, the Reagan PALS HS donated over 200 hygiene products for the North East Mc Kinney Homeless Project. They received a Certificate of Appreciation for their act of citizenship.


Stephanie White, PAL Teacher

macarthur logoMacArthur PALs

November 13, 2011 - At the Clear Spring Elementary School, the MacArthur PALs worked together to transform the storage shed in the front of the school into a school-spirited work of art. PAL Janna Nakayama was the head of the service learning project, organizing the event and gathering supplies. She also came up with the visuals to put on each side of the shed, which were then hand painted by the PALs. With the awesome amount of PALs that showed up for the event, combined with their hard work, they were able to finish the project in one afternoon. Leaving a mark that will last forever, the kids will be excited to see their new shed.

"People are just about as happy as they make their mind up to be." - Abe Lincoln


Gretchen Barrera. PAL Teacher

madison logoMadison PALs

October 21, 2011 - Thank you so much for helping out Madison PALs and FBLA and providing us supplies to do a "No Texting and Driving" Campaign. It was a great success and we see many students during the day wearing their thumb bands. We had students show us their drivers license, take a pledge card and thumb band, and then put their thumb print on posters that we had displayed. 400 thumb bands were given out that day.

lee 9.2011 highlight

Jennifer Schaefer, PAL Teacher

lee logoLee PALs

September 2011, - "The Lee P.A.L.s acted as examples of proper dress code attire during an assembly for the student body. They were the models of what is appropriate dress for school and had a great time helping support the District Code of Conduct for Students. Pictured are Senior P.A.L students: Marina DeLos Santos, Adrianna Solis, Meredyth Wiegand and Sierra Price.





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harris valetine 2.2013

Carolyn James, PAL Teacher

Campus Logo Harris PALs

February, 2013 - Antecedent to Valentines Day, the Harris M.S. PAL Class sent a large Valentines banner to Sandy Hook Elementary School. With the help of the entire Harris student body, several students composed their individual, positive and encouraging message of Love,

Hope, and Peace on a heart shaped card. Then each heart was put on the banner and sent off to be received on Valentines Day!

bush 2012-13 pals

Erika Stiner, Bush PAL Teacher

Campus Logo Bush PALs

December, 2012 - Bush Middle School Junior PALs and the Student Council joined together to support NEISD's McKinney Homeless project. They collected and donated hygiene items for the students supported by the McKinney project.

The NEISD McKinney-Vento Homeless Project is committed to ensuring that all NEISD children and youth in homeless situations have the opportunity to attend, enroll in, and succeed in school. During the 2011-2012 school year, the NEISD McKinney-Vento Homeless Project identified and provided services for 1,142 students.

bradley 2.2012

Amy Ballenger, PAL Teacher

Campus LogoBradley PALs

February, 2012 - These Bradley PALS are working with one of our deaf ALE students, Macey.  Many PALs have learned a lot of sign language to be able to communicate with her! Here the PALs signing the word "Cow" with Macey.

tejeda 2.2012

Desiree Kloza , PAL teacher

Campus LogoTejeda PALs


February 6, 2012 - The Tejeda Middle School PALs are currently collecting money to donate to the eight NEISD families who lost their homes due to a lightning strike several weeks ago.  PAL students are competing with one another to see who can raise the most money for this worthy cause!  They are collecting on their own, as well as during student drop off in the mornings!  The PALs are also encouraging Tejeda students to donate during all 3 lunches!  For every $5.00 that is donated at this time, students’ names will be placed in a drawing for a free ticket and “meal deal” to the Winter Ball!!  The Tejeda PALs has set a goal of $1000 to be collected by Friday 3/10!  All money collected will be used to purchase gift cards for the affected families.    

driscoll 2.2012

Darla Morris, PAL teacher

Campus Logo Driscoll PALs

February, 2012 - The Driscoll PALs are busy assisting other organizations on their campus. They are working with the Fit 'n Healthy Defenders to help raise funds for Driscoll's 2nd Annual Fit 'n Healthy Day and helping the Stand Up and Defend Forum promote a PINK OUT Day on February 14!


Noel Braswell, PAL teacher

Campus LogoJackson PALs



The Jackson Middle School Peer Mediation Program will be recognized as the “2012 Outstanding School Peer Mediation Program” by the San Antonio Bar Foundation at the January 28, 2012.

wood antibullying 1.27.2012

Carole Stonaker, PAL teacher

Campus LogoWood PALs


January 27, 2012 - The Wood Jr. PALs, along with the Character Counts Club, created and presented an anti-bullying presentation to the student body. The students started off with a skit about stereotypes and labels. They continued with a question and answer session using power point slides. They particularly enjoyed going into the audience to get student responses. They concluded the presentation with the song "Hero" by Superchick.

The student response to the program was great! The PE coaches, who allowed the PALs to make the presentations during the pe classes, were very complimentary of the PALs work. All in all everyone benefitted - the student body who heard a great message, and the PAL/Character Counts students who learned about public speaking.

eisenhower 2011

Jamie Bryant, PAL teacher

Campus Logo Eisenhower PALs

December, 2011 - Eisenhower PALs help deliver donated gifts to our families in need this Holiday season.

2011 wood ropemaking

Carole Stonaker, PAL teacher

Campus LogoWood PALs

November 7, 2011 - Wood Middle School PALs, working with Noel Pompa, learn about teamwork through a rope making activity. Each student selected one strand of yarn. Individually the one strand of yarn was only capable of so much before it broke. However, when the individual strands were all twisted together they made an unbreakable bond. It was a fun activity with a powerful message about the power of PAL teamwork.

jackson ropes11.2011

Noel Braswell, PAL teacher

Campus LogoJackson PALs

October 17, 2011 - Jackson Middle School PALs enjoyed team building while making their rope during class. Each week, a different PAL will carry the rope to each of his/her classes; this represents the unity of the Jackson PALs.