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Bully Awareness in neisd - Reporting bullying

Bullying is intentional, unwanted, aggressive behavior between students that involves an imbalance of power, and is repeated.

Although NEISD is strongly committed to preventing and addressing bullying in any form, no school district can ever completely control the behavior of its students at all times, and no school district can ever guarantee that bullying will not occur. This is why it is very important that parents communicate any concerns to the school so that it can be investigated and any necessary action can be taken.

Any student who believes that he/she has experienced bullying or believes that another student is being bullied, should obtain help by immediately reporting the alleged acts to a Teacher, Counselor, Principal, Campus Police Officer or other District employee, as well as your parent.

• Calling the school.

• Directly emailing a Teacher, School Counselor, Assistant Principal, Principal, and/or Campus Police Officer.

• Calling the District’s 24 hour hotline 655-CARE.

• Reports of bullying should be made as soon as possible after the incidents occurred so that investigations can begin with fresher memories.

• Reports should contain as much detail as possible about when, where, and how the incident occurred becuase more detail makes it easier for school administrators to investigate incidens faster.

• Remember that all students, even those who may have committed acts of bullying, are entitled to confidentiality protection under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA"), which means that school administrators will not be able to share what actions may be taken against other students, just like they could not share with other parents information about your student.

• Once you have made a report of bullying to school administrators, rest assured it will be investigated and appropriate actions taken, but please do not attempt to confront students yourself, as this will only cause further disruption to the school and may make investigations more complicated.

It is important that the school, parents/guardians, and our community work together to reinforce a culture of tolerance and respect.

Visit your home campus website or call the school to acquire information regarding the various programs that reinforce positive behavior to promote tolerance and respect as well as any reporting procedures that have been implemented by the school.