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Bully Awareness in neisd - PREVENTION

In North East we take bullying very seriously. Bullying prevention efforts are part of the district improvement plan and each campus improvement plan.

Legislation since 1988 has required each campus to have a Safe and Drug Free
Schools plan, then later, a Character Education Plan. Beginning in the fall of 2012-2013,
campuses are required to have a Bullying Prevention Plan. The purpose of these plans
is to ensure that each campus has criteria in place to establish and maintain a safe,
drug free environment where students can learn and be successful.

Throughout the District, we have numerous programs, strategies, and activities in place
that not only address bullying behavior, but that go a good deal further toward creating a
culture and climate where respect, caring, and kindness outrank meanness. Additional
information on any of these programs or departments can be found on each
department’s website.

• The department of Safe and Drug Free Schools has a systematic approach to drug prevention and violence prevention. Major components are listed below. A more detailed description is included in the document, Drug and Violence Prevention in NEISD, on the SDFS website.
• Standards and Benchmarks.
• Safe and Drug Free Schools Campus Contacts
• STAN Counselors.
• The Peer Assistance and Leadership (PAL)
• Materials and Resources.
• Character Education. Texas Education Code
• The Department of Student Support Services
• The Department of Transportation
• The Department of Community Relations
• Athletics, Fine Arts, and Other Extra-Curricular Activities
• District Discipline Management Programs


Tackling Bullying in North East ISD

The North East Independent School District, in an effort to provide a safe and stable learning environment, undertook the challenge of addressing bullying prevention in our schools. The result was a year long process of community forums, parent input, and administrative actions that provide North East students, parents, teachers and staff with information that addresses the issue of bullying in schools. The push to address school bullying is a result of the adoption of Texas House Bill 1942, which amended the Texas Education Code.

Cluster Bully Prevention Team Meetings

NEISD parents had an opportunity to share information and concerns regarding bully prevention. The meetings were held with the purpose of gathering information from parents, students, campus administration and district personnel. Information was gathered using questions that inquired about perceptions, beliefs, and trends regarding bullying in schools. The result was the development of the North East ISD Bullying Prevention Website. We hope the information available here is a useful tool for all stakeholders.

House Bill 1942

The bill specifies the behaviors that constitute bullying and requires the State Board of Education to adopt for the health curriculum essential knowledge and skills that include evidence-based practices that will effectively address awareness, prevention, identification, self defense, and resolution of and intervention in bullying and harassment. The bill adds training in preventing, identifying, responding to, and reporting incidents of bullying to the training authorized for inclusion in the staff development provided by a school district.