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NEISD is strongly committed to preventing and addressing bullying in any form. However, no school district can ever completely control the behavior of its students at all times, or guarantee that bullying will not occur. That is why it is very important that parents communicate any concerns to the school so that these concerns can be investigated and any necessary action can be taken.

By clicking on your child’s school, you can see the programs that are in place and to whom you should address your concerns. By working together, we can continue to help your child have a successful school year.

Alternative Middle School

At Alternative Middle School we take bullying very seriously. We, the students, parents, and staff of NEISD Alternative Middle School agree to join together to stop bullying at our school. We believe that every student should come to school feeling safe, secure, and accepted regardless of gender, race, popularity, ability, intelligence, and religion. Our strategies are to teach, model and value differences and treat everyone with respect. AMS encourages positive behavior and the value of differences among people.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Intake Anti-Bullying Pledge Sheet
  • AMS Morning Announcement - addressing Bully Prevention and Character Education
  • Character Counts Daily Messages
  • Small Group Interventions
  • Social Skills Class & Mediation

School Personnel Contact Info

Palma Scott, AMS Principal

Michael Torres, AMS Assistant Principal

Lisa Johnson, AMS Counselor

Victor Limon, AMS Family Specialist

Bradley Middle School

At Bradley Middle School we will not tolerate bullying and take it very seriously when it is brought to our attention. Our school has the following programs, strategies and activities in place that not only address bullying behavior, but create a culture and climate of respect, caring and kindness.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Safe School Ambassador & Peer Mediation
  • Student Video & Student Council
  • P.A.L.S. & Health Classes
  • Motivational Production Movie
  • Bully Packet & Red Ribbon Week
  • Parent Mentor
  • Care Card & N.J.H.S.

School Personnel Contact Info

Todd Bloomer, Principal

Steve Berg, Assistant Principal

Jennifer Schaefer, Assistant Principal

Bush Middle School

At Bush Middle School, we take bullying very seriously. Our school has the following programs, strategies and activities in place that not only address bullying behavior, but create a culture and climate of respect, caring and kindness.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • The Ambassador program
  • Bully-box
  • Leader in Me program implemented at 6th grade
  • AIM class curriculum focused on character development
  • Jr. PALS – trained peer mediators
  • Motivational Production movie
  • Assembly on “Take a Stand Against Bullying” program and Red Ribbon Week assemblies
  • Counselor presentation over identifying Bullying to the Faculty members and how to report it
  • Bush webpage links and morning video announcement information

School Personnel Contact Info

Gary Comalander - Principal

Elisabeth Krimbill - Assistant Principal for TEams 6W, 6X, 6Y, 7X & 7Y

Charles Reininger – Asst. Principal for Teams 7W, 8W, 8X, & 8Y

Elena Sandoval - Counselor for Last name A-F

Suzanne Wendorf – Counselor for Last name G - N

Michael Ansley – Counselor for Last name O - Z

Driscoll Middle School

At Clara Driscoll Middle School we will create a safe learning environment for all students by re-establishing civility and delivering proactive antidotes to school violence and bullying. We will improve academic achievement by engaging students' hearts, heads and hands in the learning process, and empowering students to affect permanent positive change.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

School Personnel Contact Info

If no physical violence is involved in the suspected bullying concerning students, please complete the online bully form on our main website.

* If violence is involved in the suspected bullying, administration should be contacted directly.

Misty Ptasnik ( - 6th Grade Assistant Principal
Mark Wilder ( - 7th Grade Assistant Principal
Steven Oropez ( - 8th Grade Assistant Principal
Steven Zimmerman ( - Principal

Eisenhower Middle School

Any form of bullying is not tolerated at Eisenhower Middle School. Our faculty and staff focus on building relationships with students to encourage the reporting of bullying instances. We have several activities for students that allow for discussion on bullying.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • PALS
  • Peer Mediation
  • Ike Ambassadors
  • Bullying Presentation
  • Bullying Boxs
  • Discipline Assemblies
  • Red Ribbon Week Assemblies

School Personnel Contact Info

Anne Cook, Asst. Principal

Lawrence Chavez, Asst. Principal

Ira Gordish, Counselor

Garner Middle School

Garner’s theme for the 2012-2013 school year is: “No to Bullying! Be a UPSTANDER not a Bystander.” Garner is committed to creating a safe and positive school climate that does not foster bullying and is safe for victims of bullying and bystanders.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Students can report bullying 3 ways:
  • - The Counseling office to fill out an alert form or report to teacher/staff
    - Use bully box in Library
    - Use the link on the Garner web page where students can submit bullying electronically

  • Bully link on Garner Web page
  • Anti Bullying Rally at the end of nine week grading periods.
  • Bullying tips on School Announcements
  • Counselor presentations to Faculty during Faculty meetings on recognizing and reporting Bullying.

School Personnel Contact Info

Tiffany N. Johnson, Counselor (Students with last name A-L)
210-805-5100 ext 229

Clarisa L. Cue, Counselor (Students with last name M-Z)
210-805-5100 ext 230

Harris Middle School

Harris Middle School values a safe school environment. To ensure a safe environment, various programs, clubs, social skills curriculum and prevention strategies have been put into place.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Second Step
  • Bully Box
  • Online Reporting
  • Mix-it Up Events
  • TAB Club
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • FISH Philosophy
  • Unity Day
  • PALS - Peer Mediation
  • Student Council
  • GT Bully Presentation
  • Positive behavior support
  • Counselor/Administration mediation
  • Faculty trained on spotting and reporting bullying
  • Red Ribbon Week activities

How to Report Bullying

  • Report to a counselor
  • Report anonymously through the Bully Box
  • The link on our campus webpage
  • Report to a staff member

School Personnel Contact Info

Dr. Sean Maika, Principal

Jeremi Niehoff, Assistant Principal

Mary Baker, Assistant Principal

Patrick Pyle, Assistant Principal

Jackson Middle School

Jackson Middle School is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment that is free from bullying for all students. This commitment recognizes that all faculty, staff, and students are responsible for creating a safe environment where mutual respect and acceptance prevail.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Safe School Ambassador Program
  • PALS – Peer Mediation
  • The Leader in Me – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Character Development
  • Second Step program utilized in small groups and AIM classes
  • Mediation through counselors / administrators
  • Anonymous reporting through the counseling office

School Personnel Contact Info

Mrs. Torres, Counselor
210-442-055 ext. 235 //

Ms. Reaves, Counselor
210-442-0550 ext. 234 //

Mrs. Deason, Principal
210 356-4400 //

Mr. DeVries, Assistant Principal
210 442-0550 ext. 227 // //

Krueger Middle School

At Krueger Middle School we take bullying very seriously. We will do everything possible to create and preserve a safe and nurturing environment with proactive bullying prevention education. We will not allow verbal, physical, or psychological harassment.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Classroom guidance with Bullying Prevention Pledge
  • Students are taught/encouraged to report bullying behavior
  • Peer Mediations & Counselor led mediations
  • Jr. Pals & High School PALS
  • Safe School Ambassadors
  • Grade level assemblies (i.e. Motivational Production assemblies)
  • Character Development videos and lesson plans
  • We use CHAMPS in every classroom and around our campus to promote appropriate and positive behavior
  • Positive behavior posters (created by digital photography class) posted all over our campus.

School Personnel Contact Info

Fran Verbal – Principal’s Secretary – will refer to designated Assistant Principal

Betty Arredondo – Counselor (Last Name A-L)

Donna Hammack – Counselor (Last Name M-Z)

Stephen Watson – Magnet School Director

Lopez Middle School

Lopez is…..
• A family of learners where students, staff, and community work together to promote the highest level of personal achievement and respect
• A place where all are given the opportunity to share and learn from each other
• A campus that fosters the intellectual, social, academic, and physical well being of our students
• An environment that is safe and nurturing through the practice of integrity and honesty
• A community that respects the uniqueness of its members

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Character & anti-bullying messages during announcements
  • 21 member PALS program where our PALS make a dramatic influence as leaders of the school in getting the message of anti-bullying out through many mediums
  • Anti-bullying Guidance given by Counselors during the year
  • Campus Bully Policy enforces a no tolerance of bullying behavior that involves students, administration, parents and counselors
  • Posters throughout school with anti-bullying slogans
  • PAL mediation program to help students address bullying
  • Bully Box in the Library to report bullying anonymously
  • Staff are vigilant in spotting, stopping and reporting bullying
  • Faculty briefings on Bullying

School Personnel Contact Info

If no physical violence is involved in the suspected bullying concerning students with last names beginning with A-K, contact Counselor Rich Behrens at 210-356-5033, or preferably by e-mail at

For last names beginning with L-Z contact Counselor Lisa Williams at 210-356-5034 or preferable by e-mail at

If violence is involved in the suspected bullying administration should be contacted directly; for last names beginning with A-K please contact Assistant Principal Kelli Skok at 210-356-5023, e-mail For last names beginning with L-Z please contact Assistant Principal Walter Darnall at 210-356-5024, e-mail

Nimitz Middle School

At Nimitz Middle School bully behavior is not acceptable and is taken very seriously. Our school has the following programs, strategies and activities in place to not only address bully behavior, but create an educational environment that represents caring, kindness, and respect.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Mediation & Mentors
  • Adopt a Seahawk & STEM Ambassadors
  • Counseling Groups & Nimitz Admirals (Watch D.O.G.S.)
  • S.O.S. (Students of Service)
  • Nimitz Expectations Assemblies
  • Faculty briefings on Bullying
  • Leader In Me School

School Personnel Contact Info

Dana Stolhandske, Principal

Meliza Morales, STEM Counselor
210-442-0450 x 270

Romelle Carraway, Nimitz Counselor
210-442-0450 x 229

Tejeda Middle School

Tejeda diligently takes a stand against bullying. We have T-Wolves Against Bullies. This is a student group, governed by students to work with issues. Our PAL program takes an active stance against bullying. Our Wolf Credo outlines our work. We promote the Seven Habits in our actions toward one another.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Bully Box
  • On line Bully Button/Cooperate With the Pack
  • Seven Habits/Leader In Me
  • PALS
  • Red Ribbon Week Activities
  • Counselor Led Mediation

School Personnel Contact Info

John Bojescul, Principal

Alex Escamilla, Assistant Principal (A-Leos)

Carol Elliott, Assistant Principal (Les-Z)

Ed White Middle School

At Ed White we take bullying very seriously. We believe in proactive bullying prevention education and well defined and effective consequences for violations related to bullying. Our school has the following programs, strategies, and activities which address bullying and create a climate of respect, caring, and kindness.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Second Step Violence Prevention Curriculum
  • Stand Up Assembly & Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23-31
  • Mentoring-Big Brothers/Big Sisters & Safe School Ambassadors
  • Yaga (Youth Against Gang Violence)
  • Bullying Awareness Week Nov 12-17
  • PALS/Palees & Bullying Prevention Plan
  • Theatre ARTS/Broadcast Journalism Skits
  • EMPACT/Parent Classes
  • Staff and Student Education & Safe School Ambassadors

School Personnel Contact Info

Melinda Cavazos – 8th Grade Counselor, 6th Grade M-Z

Laura Gonzalez – 7th Grade Counselor, 6th Grade A-L

Kevin Curtis – Assistant Principal

Wood Middle School

At Wood MS, our mission is to "support student love of learning so that they are successful in life". This goes beyond academic support to include a positive atmosphere where students feel comfortable approaching an adult for assistance.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Hazing education and assessments
  • Self-referral/reporting through counseling office
  • Mediation and digital citizenship training
  • Grade level discipline assemblies
  • Administrative investigation in each instance
  • PALS/Team building activities
  • Character counts group
  • Interactive bullying prevention programs
  • Parent education through Parent Academy

School Personnel Contact Info

Asst. Principal Joseph Holzmann – 6th Grade
(210) 356-6213 //

Asst. Principal Daniel Gonzales – 7th Grade
(210) 356-6227 //

Asst. Principal Aja Gardner – 8th Grade
(210) 356-6223 //

Counselor Darla Hunter – 7th Grade A-L, 8th Grade
(210) 356-6228 //

Counselor Jennifer Peel –7th Grade M-Z, 6th Grade
(210) 356-6229 //