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NEISD is strongly committed to preventing and addressing bullying in any form. However, no school district can ever completely control the behavior of its students at all times, or guarantee that bullying will not occur. That is why it is very important that parents communicate any concerns to the school so that these concerns can be investigated and any necessary action can be taken.

By clicking on your child’s school, you can see the programs that are in place and to whom you should address your concerns. By working together, we can continue to help your child have a successful school year.


At ACE, we take bullying very seriously. Our school has the following programs, strategies, and activities in place that not only address bullying behavior, but create a culture and climate of respect, caring, and kindness.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Covey’s 7 Habits of Effective Teens
  • Family Involved Counseling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Behavior Modification Counseling
  • New Student Orientation (Bully Reporting)
  • Individualized Counseling

School Personnel Contact Info

Dr. Christopher Throm, Director

Mrs. Paulette Halvorson, Counselor

Alternative High School

In our pursuit of a safe and caring environment in which students may refocus their efforts to reach their full potential, we attend to all forms of bullying and take appropriate steps to address the issue every time a bullying occurance is observed or reported.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Bullying is addressed in every intake under student behavior
  • Teachers are trained & there is classroom guidance
  • Lessons are presented in the advisory rotation
  • Step process of consequences includes phone calls, counselor, and administrative referrals
  • The bully, the bullied and bystander are addressed
  • While in ISS and SWAS certain topics are discussed with individual students including bullying, respect and goal setting
  • Open door policy to visit with counselors at any time not limited to before and after school

School Personnel Contact Info

Leanne Burge, AHS STAN Counselor
210-442-0609 x231 //

Bill Fish, AHS Principal
210-442-0621 //

Mitch Brown, AHS Assistant Principal
210-442-0609 x224 //

Hilda Knight, Counselor
210-442-0609 x235 //

Winston Churchill High School

At Churchill High School we take bullying very seriously. Our school has the following programs, strategies and activities in place that not only address bullying behavior, but create a culture and climate of respect, caring and kindness.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Faculty and staff are trained at the beginning of the school year on recognizing bullying and the proper procedure on handling it.
  • When a bully incident is reported, the incident is investigated and administration and counselors are consulted and collaborate on the appropriate action to take. If necessary, the parent of both parties involved are notified, and a conference or mediation may take place. When necessary, a “stay away” agreement is written.
  • Organizations on campus are required to take an annual hazing test and communicate the consequences of violating the laws.
  • The STAN Counselor provides bully/cyber bulling prevention programs to all of the Healthy Lifestyle classes and Health classes. She is also called into various organizations on campus to do team building with strong emphasis on healthy communication.
  • The following support groups are offered to help prevent/intervene in bullying situations: Anger Management, Girls Healthy Relationships, Teen Parenting (they are often harassed and we discuss appropriate ways to handle situations) and Recovery group (often in their recovery anger can occur and we talk about healthy ways to cope).
  • Various clubs/organizations on campus are designed to prevent bullying. An example of several include: PAL’s, UNITY Club, GSA, and the Autism Awareness Club.
  • All Churchill students undergo "Digital Citizenship" training which includes the potential dangers involved in using social media to include cyber-bullying.

School Personnel Contact Info

Vaughan, Jeff, Principal
Phone number: 210-356-0000

(A-El) - Franco, Nicole 210-356-0034

(Em-Lg) - Barton, James 210-356-0007

(Lh-Ri) - Gately, Jeanne 210-356-0035

(Rj-Z) - Bloomer, Todd 210-356-0037

COUNSELOR - Fox, Beth 210-356-0080

International School of the Americas

ISA has the following programs, strategies and activities in place that not only address bullying behavior, but create a culture and climate of respect, caring and kindness.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Digital Citizenship lessons are completed by each ISA student.
  • PAL students teach our freshmen ISA Norms for behavior and agreements on how we are going to treat each other.
  • Teachers model appropriate use of academically focused social networks for professional and academic purposes (ex. Social Network for the ISA Internship Program; Wikis for Class Curriculum; Blogs for Collaboration).

School Personnel Contact Info

Kathy Bieser, Director

Mary Reihner, Counselor

Claudia Taylor "Lady Bird" Johnson High School

At Johnson High School, we take bullying very seriously. Our school has the following programs, strategies and activities in place that not only address bullying behavior, but create a culture and climate of respect, caring and kindness.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • No Place for Hate Campus
  • Attend Unity Conference & Unity Club
  • Bully Guards & Healthy Life Styles topic
  • Roan Forest Elementary video & Facebook video on simulcast
  • PAL training & Friends Club
  • Posters with positive messages
  • “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” for all 9th grade

School Personnel Contact Info

Lisa Williams STAN Counselor

Assistant Principal's Office: 210-356-0425

(A - Da) Steve Magadance,

(De - Ho) David Bordelon,

(Hr - Mi) Elaine Maze,

(Mo - Ry) Cynthia Rinehart,

(Sa - Z) Stuart Guthrie,

Madison High School

The vision of Madison High School is that we provide a safe, secure, and positive climate that encourages all students to communicate and engage in every opportunity available to be successful. We teach tolerance, acceptance, and respect for every individual.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • No Place for Hate Campus
  • Principal’s Cabinet & Staff Development on Bullying Awareness
  • Unity Club
  • Student Counsel/PAL Anti Bullying Campaign
  • STAN Bully Awareness
  • Safe School Ambassadors/Community Matters Program
  • Anti Bullying Zone posters
  • Discipline Assemblies every semester
  • Continuous support from the entire leadership team

School Personnel Contact Info

Principal: 210-356-1400

Dr. Aceves-Torres //

Counselors' Office: 210-356-1475

Eva Barnes, Lead Counselor
210-356-1426 //

Cindy Suarez, STAN Counselor
210-356-1434 //

Assistant Principals: 210-356-1480

(A-Cof) - Joseph Williams //

(Cog - Gof) - Misty Ptasnik //

(Gog - Lil) - Jason Herrera //

(Lim - Par) - Kelly Taylor //

(Pas-Sf) - Pam Scott //

(Sg - Z) - Scott Rogers //


MacArthur High School

Bullying is not acceptable behavior at Douglas MacArthur High School. At MacArthur we emphasize acceptance, support for our students and accountability for those who behave in aggressive or bullying ways. We support our efforts through PALS, Unity Club, and Student Council.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Classroom Presentations to all Healthy Lifestyles and Health classes.
  • PALS work to be visible and reach out to victimized and fringe students.
  • Unity Club sets specific emphasis weeks to highlight acceptance and personal empowerment.
  • Unity Club provides a “workshop” for selected students.
  • Student Council emphasizes anti-bullying behavior.

School Personnel Contact Info

Natalie Hierholzer, Lead Counselor
210-356-7631 //

Rolla M. Bradley Jr., LPC-S, Ph.D. in Education
210-356-7671 //

Kay Woltersdorf, Assistant Principal
210-356-7626 //

Amy Sirizzotti, Assitant Principal
210-356-7627 //

Daniel Moczygemba, Assistant Principal
210-356-7622 //

Dennis Rudnick, Assistant Principal
210-356-7628 //

Ben Peterson, Assistant Principal
210-650-1100 //

Dr. P.J. Valdez, Assistant Principal
210-356-7630 //

Peter Martinez, Principal
210-356-7600 //

Robert E. Lee High School

At Lee High School we work to make every student feel like they are a valued part of a community that promotes respect and caring for all. Students are encouraged to participate in clubs & organizations that promote personal growth and character development.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • No Place for Hate Campus
  • PAL Program – All PAL students receive Bully Prevention training as well as mediation training.. PALs act as role models for their peers and educate elementary school students at our feeder elementary schools.
  • Classroom presentations in all Healthy Lifestyles classes by STAN Counselor. Presentations on healthy relationships, bullying, and acceptance of others.
  • Annual Unity Conference - - A day of student leadership training.
  • Active Unity Club on campus. This organization works to promote caring and acceptance of all.
  • All clubs and organizations on campus follow the District guidelines regarding hazing/bullying.
  • Anti-bullying PSAs are included in the video announcements.

School Personnel Contact Info

Mr. Ernest Paz, Assistant Principal (A-C)
210-356-0800 //

Mr. Corby Brown, Assistant Principal (D-Ha)
210-356-0882 //

Ms. Zeena Rossi, Assistant Principal (He-Me)
210-356-0839 //

Mr. Donald Poole Assistant Principal (Mi-Ror)
210-356-0825 //

TBA, Assistant Principal (Ros-Z)
TBA //

Mrs. Bolton (STAN Counselor)
210-356-0845 //

Reagan High School

Reagan High School has adopted a campus goal of improving overall respect. We are calling this “Reagan Respect.” This will be addressing bullying as well as many other behaviors throughout the year to create a positive learning environment.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Faculty/Staff are trained at the beginning of the school year on recognizing bullying and the proper procedures for handling it.
  • Reagan Respect is implemented to bring cohesion to the campus and promote an overall positive campus culture.
  • There is a step process for students who are involved in a bully situation. All parties involved are addressed accordingly.
  • Every Reagan student must receive “Digital Citizenship” training at the beginning of every school year.
  • The STAN Counselor facilitates a bully/cyberbullying presentation to all Healthy Lifestyles/Health classroom.
  • Student support groups are offered by the STAN Counselor to help students in preventing/intervening/recovering from bully situations, like the Transitions New Student Group.
  • Several clubs/organizations on campus help facilitate a positive campus culture without bullying, like Friends, PALS, the Ability Club, UNITY Ambassadors, GSA, and Students Helping Students.
  • Since 2011, Reagan has participated and been awarded a “No Place for Hate” school by the Anti-Defamation League.
  • Discipline Assemblies are conducted by the Assistant Principals early every school year.
  • 30 Reagan students attend the NEISD’s annual Unity Conference to facilitate campus unity activities.
  • Individual counseling is available for bullies and victims of bullying.
  • Student Council visits cluster schools to promote a bully-free campus at the Elementary and Middle school level.

School Personnel Contact Info

Brenda Shelton, Principal

Assistant Principals:

Brenda Cerroni A-Cr

Robin Hays Cu-Hen

Glen MacLeay Her-Men

Jody Noblett Mer-Sal

John Hill Sam-Z

Niki Jackson (Stan Counselor)

Roosevelt High School

Bullying and cyberbullying are major issues in our schools today, and Roosevelt is no exception. Listed below are some to the programs in place and we are always looking at new ideas to help diminish bullying on campus.

Programs & Strategies on Campus

  • Cyberbullying educational sessions through healthy Lifestyles
  • Dating violence educational sessions through healthy lifestyles
  • Individual counseling through PALS Program
  • Peer mediation in small groups for anger management

School Personnel Contact Info

Jamie Rich, Assistant Principal
210-356-2200 //

Michelle Howard, Counselor
210-356-2200 //

Werk Cook, STAN Counselor
210-356-2320 //