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School Administration and Administrative Staff Development

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to support campus personnel promoting student involvement, academic success and a community of life-long learners.


Goal 1
Meet with each principal throughout the year to enhance his/her leadership skills in order to ensure success for all students, and to gain Recognized or Exemplary status.


  • Use Collaborative Log with each visit to discuss what is working, current focus, challenge and/or concerns, what the school is doing to solve concerns, and what support is needed.
  • Review and check Plan of Support for New Principal/New to School, Plan of Action for all experienced principals and Plan of Intervention with principals whose schools are below Recognized rating.
  • Plot and use the information drawn from the Collaborative Log visits on the Measurement Rating Protocol, along with the reports from other Divisions.


Goal 2
Contact every principal needing to be coached due to Acceptable rating, new to position/district or concerns, at least once a month to help support student success.


  • Analyze Fall and Spring student Benchmark tests to determine campus status.
  • Review goals with principal each month.
  • Review the progress of Plan of Intervention/Growth.
  • Analyze end of year TAKS results to determine campus success and/or areas of concern.


Goal 3
Continue to support 1st and 2nd year principals through monthly/quarterly cohort meetings.  Provide support and coaching for all new assistant principals monthly; experienced assistant principals quarterly.


  • Develop and process the Plan of Support for each new principal.
  • Analyze data routinely to support campus.
  • Record attendance at meetings for both cohorts.
  • Record one-on-one coaching meetings. (Collaborative Log)
  • Analyze end of year TAKS results to determine campus success and/or areas of concern.
  • Document areas needing further growth based on end of year principal conference, which becomes part of their Plan of Action/Intervention.


Goal 4
Assist principals in the development of their Leadership Teams.


  • Review weekly Leadership Team meeting’s agendas and minutes.
  • Log interventions and visits to principals.


Goal 5
Participate in CIC and Cluster monthly meetings.


    • Serve as a member of campus(es) CIC Committee
    • Attend monthly cluster meetings
    • Serve as liaison between campus and central office administration.