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District Super Stars

Cadet major Ashley Graves, johnson High School receives offers for post secondary education opportunities!

Cadet Graves in JROTC uniformAshley Graves of Johnson High School has been selected to attend the United State Naval Academy Prepatory School at Newport, Rhode Island, in the class convening July 2010. Additionally, she has been offered the Coast Guard Academy Scholarship as well as accepted into the Nursing School and Corps of Cadets at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont. Ashley is a real spark plug of energy, enthusiasm and experience for the Jaguar JROTC Battalion. Her academic and athletic accomplishments are matched only by her leadership and citizenship she demonstrates every day on the campus and in the community. Ashley and four other members of the Johnson JROTC Leadership Team competed in the National JROTC Leadership Bowl held in Washington, D.C. last June. Congratulations!


United State Military Academy, West Point is looking for

Cadet Captain William Beason, Ronald Reagan High SchoolWill Beason

The Director of Admissions at the United States Military Academy, West Point has extended an appointment to this outstanding JROTC cadet at Reagan High School for the Class of 2014. Will is a member of the JROTC Rattler Guard Armed Drill Team, a National Honor Society member and just recently received his Eagle Scout Badge. This honor is a great source of special satisfaction to Will and his family. Congratulations Will, great job! Hooah!


First Sergeant William Parr, JROTC National Instructor of the Year1SG Parr with Principal Vaughan and Brigade Commander

Winston Churchill High School

1SG Parr, Army Instructor for the Charger Battalion of Winston Churchill High School JROTC Program was selected as the United States Army Cadet Command JROTC Instructor of the Year for School Year 2008-2009.  First Sergeant Parr received the JROTC Instructor Gold Award in April 2008. 1SG Parr has demonstrated outstanding performance of duty in all criteria fields of the award:  Classroom Effectiveness; Community Involvement; Dedication to the profession of teaching and emersion into the Integrated-Curricular Activities, significantly he is the primary Instructor to both the Armed and Unarmed Drill Teams.  The Queen’s Guard and Black Watch Drill Teams are nationally acclaimed teams.  He has led these teams to achieve a reputation for excellence and domination matched by no other school in the Brigade.  He is also the head coach to the Essex Marksmanship Team.  Coaching highlights since his arrival at Churchill:

               1.  Nationals Armed Drill Team Overall: 2003-2nd, 2004-2nd, 2005-3rd
               2.  Nationals Unarmed Drill Team Overall:  2004-4th, 2006-3rd, 2007& 2008-2nd
               3.  Western Region Unarmed Drill Team Overall: 2007-2nd, 2008-2nd
               4.  District Unarmed Drill Team Overall:  2007-1st, 2008-2nd
               5.  District Armed Drill Team Overall:  2007-2nd, 2008-2nd
               6.  District Marksmanship:  2004-4th, 2005-4th, 2006-3rd, 2007-2nd, 2007-2nd

1SG Parr professional development lays claim to an Associate Degree in Applied Science, Bachelor Degree in Occupational Education, completion of all JROTC Distance Learning Courses and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Management.

1SG Parr is very proficient in the instruction of Thinking Maps and Success Profiler. He has shared his expertise on the Classroom Performance System (CPS) with the Campus Information Technology Director and has visited other instructors both within and outside the North East District to help them set up and use CPS.  1SG Parr attained a grant from E Instruction that enabled the JROTC Department to give one CPS system to both the Science and Math Departments.