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2016 Trinity Prize Nominee

Javier Melendez

5th Grade Teacher

Bulverde Creek Elementary School


One of the most gratifying things about teaching fifth graders is that they enter the year with a sense of leadership. They are the oldest students in the school. Harnessing that sense of leadership and watching it grow is one of my ultimate joys as a teacher.  I get to witness my students work with their kindergarten and second grade buddies. They get to learn from their struggles and celebrate their successes."


Haydee Canela



For the School Year 2015-2016

2017 Elementary Teacher of the Year


Haydee Canela

4th Grade ESL Teacher

Oak Meadow Elementary School


“The most rewarding times in my career have come from those students who callenged me to think outside the box.”



Patrick Cunningham


For the School Year 2015-2016

2017 Secondary Teacher of the Year


Patrick Cunningham

10-12th Grade Chemistry Teacher

Johnson High School

“Early in my teaching career I learned from my students that if they learn anything, it is because they have taught it to themselve. I am only a guide, a resource, and maybe a motivator.”