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Terri Eichholz



2014 Trinity Prize Nominee

Terri Eichholz

Gifted and Talented Teacher

Hidden Forest Elementary School


 "Even though I am certain that I am a better teacher than I was 20 years ago, I always feel that I have room for improvement.  I would rather my students see me as someone who doesn't know it all, but loves to work alongside them to find the answers, rather than as someone who knows everything and criticizes anyone else who can't see it the same way."


Meg Grossman



2014 Elementary Teacher of the Year


Meg Grossman

Instructional Intervention Teacher

Longs Creek Elementary School


"A great teacher approaches each day as an opportunity to make magic happen in the classroom for the children. I say proudly, I am a teacher - what is your super power?"

Danielle Smith



2014 Secondary Teacher of the Year


Danielle Smith

Social Studies Teacher

Barbara Bush Middle School


"I believe that one of the marks of a great teacher is setting high expectations for students and then helping them climb the mountain to reach those heights."