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2015 Trinity Prize Nominee

Monica Laughlin

Gifted and Talented Teacher

Las Lomas Elementary School


“Making units fresh and fun are what motivate my style of teaching. I love getting excited about something new to add to a unit or a new way to present the information or even a new way for students to create something that demonstrates their understanding of what was taught. The use of technology has enabled me to add so many dimensions to my students’ learning environment. The ideas I research are what keep my content updated and hopefully of interest to my students.”

“When one is a part of the educational profession, we are constantly immersed in a pool of sharing knowledge. Every brain storming session I take part in is a conversation on strategies, content, tools for students who struggle or those children who need to be on a higher path of learning."







Kelly Carpenter


For the School Year 2014-2015

2016 Elementary Teacher of the Year


Kelly-Anne Carpenter

Special Education Teacher

Northwood Elementary School


“The memories I most cherish include teaching a 3rd grade student to walk for the first time, toilet training a fifth grade girl, and listening to a ten year old say her first words. They are the moments I am most proud of; not because I have accomplished anything, but because I have had the privilege of witnessing what the power of unconditional love can achieve. It is, therefore, our responsibility to campaign for those that cannot, and represent all of our students through our profession.”



Lynn bodet


For the School Year 2014-2015

2016 Secondary Teacher of the Year


Lynn Bodet

Math Teacher

Tejeda Middle School

“Everyone one of us remembers that favorite “great” teacher who reached into our heart and soul and made us feel special about ourselves and their class. That one teacher who ignited the spark of curiosity, who made us think, who allowed us to make mistakes and who helped us fix them. I hope that I have been that teacher for my students.”