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Important to update Eduphoria profiles

As the new school year begins, all school staff need to update their Eduphoria profile. Returning teachers should update their current profiles making sure to verify assignments and locations. If you are a teacher transferring from another campus, review your profile and indicate your new location. In doing this, remember to deselect your old location. Login to Eduphoria from the Intranet, under the Logins header. You must type in your user name and password to access your Profile page. Follow the prompts to complete your profile. If you have had a name change over the summer, Eduphoria should have updated your new name. If your new name has not been reset, please contact Karin Stanley, Director of Staff Development in Human Resources at 407-0478, or e-mail her at Do not create a new profile with your new name.

Changes to 401(a) plan

North East ISD will stop matching the employee contributions to the 401(a) accounts starting this plan year, effective July 1, 2009. This is a cost-saving measure that is expected to keep an additional $3.3 million in the district’s budget. The school board approved the decision on June 15 as part of the 2009-2010 compensation plan and operating budget. The Employee Incentive Program was designed for all fulltime employees, whereby the district contributed a sum of money to each eligible full-time employee’s 401(a) supplemental retirement account. Employees may still contribute to their own accounts.