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The Transfer Period is April 1, 2017 – June 15, 2017

Employees who are interested in transferring to a LATERAL position at another work location, must complete the following steps during the transfer period:

  • Log into Employee Space.
  • Double-click on the Employee icon and select Job Opportunities. Search and apply for specific lateral positions in which you are interested and meet the minimum qualifications. Click here for instructions to apply for an internal opening.
  • As a professional courtesy, inform your principal / supervisor you have applied for a lateral position. Supervisors considering internal applicants will contact the employee’s current supervisor for a reference.
  • All transfer applications must be submitted between April 1st and June 15th.

If the receiving principal / supervisor does not recommend an employee by June 30th, the employee remains at their current work location. No one is guaranteed a transfer.

Eligibility Criteria

Teachers may request a transfer to another campus if their performance evaluation is at least "Proficient" under the T-TESS appraisal system in 9 of 16 dimensions with no dimension rated "Needs Improvement."

Teachers who are on an open intervention plan, have unsuccessfully completed an intervention plan or have an evaluation less than proficient in the current school year are ineligible for transfer.

Teachers hired on or after August 17th, 2015 must remain at their current campus for 3 consecutive years.  If a teacher begins employment after their work schedule has started, that first year is not counted towards the 3 years.  The 3 years in place criteria does not apply to positions that are considered a promotion.  A promotion is defined as any position that includes a longer work schedule or change in pay grade from an employee’s current assignment. 

All other employees must have at least 12 months in their current work assignment to be eligible for a transfer.

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