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Human Resources - Applications


  • If you do not have a password, start as a 'new user'. You will select your password and your user ID. It is suggested that you use your email address for your user ID. If you have a password, start as 'have already applied', Your ssn may be your user ID. Remember your password is case-sensitive.
  • HINT: Do not double click on the ' start button'. If you do, you will receive an error message that your ssn is on file. If this happens, go back to the application as a 'current applicant', enter your UserID, and enter the password you established.
  • New applicants who have never applied with NEISD - establish your UserID and password.
  • Previous NEISD applicants who have not established a password - Start as a 'new user', establish your password, the system may ask you for your date of birth as a security check. Enter it in the format shown. Include the /'s. If the system gives you an error message when entering your date of birth call the Human Resources office (210) 407-0188. It is possible that your date of birth information is not contained in the applicant database.
  • HINT: You must fill in all required fields. The required fields are noted with a red arrow.
  • Certification: You can get a copy of your current certifications from the SBEC website, If you are on a standard certificate be sure to enter the beginning and expiration date.
  • HINT: If you have a life certificate you will leave the expiration date blank. If you hold an Out-of-State Certificate, please attempt to match your information with the choices listed. This link will be helpful to you - obtaining your Texas certification (updated information will be provided soon).
  • Degree Information: Only enter universities where you obtained a degree. If your major field is not listed leave it blank. In order to be considered for employment with NEISD, all high school, college, and university transcripts and degrees must be from a school that is accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • WorkJobs Experience: Enter work experience starting with the most recent. If you have taught for 5 full years you do not need to enter your student teaching information.
  • HINT: Always enter a date in the format shown. If the example shows /'s, enter them. If you have a problem with a date and it is not required, leave it blank.
  • Reference Information: You must have a valid mailing address and phone number for your three required references. Addresses from out of the country cannot be submitted on the online application. You can, however, send them to the Human Resources office and we will send these references manually. If you enter a valid email address your reference will be sent out by email. Emailing references speeds up the application process.
  • Once you have submitted your application you may go back to the application and make changes/additions/deletions at anytime. Keep your password in a safe place. You may also keep your file active with NEISD by going back to your application at the end of 90 days and submitting the application. Be sure to update your information.
  • For teaching applicants only; Once you have submitted your application, your application will be reviewed by Human Resources. You may be selected for a prescreening interview based on availability of vacancies that may occur in your area of certification.