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Human Resources - FAQ's.

I get an error message that the page can not be displayed or will not load.

  • While the Online Application System supports Microsoft Vista, it is important that you understand some users may experience difficulties due to security updates, anti virus, or other installed software applications which may prevent the computer from accessing this site.  This is not necessarily a problem with the NEISD site, but rather a possible problem with the security features of the Microsoft Vista operating system and installed software which may prevent users from accessing the site. 

Is my information confidential?

  • NEISD is a public entity. Your application is considered a public document and is subject to disclosure, upon request, whether you apply with a paper document or through the on-line process. Our applicant files are available to principals when they have open positions.

Which positions use the on-line application?

  • The on-line application is used for all applicants.

If my certification area is not listed or if my college major is not listed, what should I do?
  • If you do not find the right information to select for your certification or school major, leave the field blank and fill in the information in the space provided. Remember, if it is not a required field you may leave the field blank. Alternative certification candidates can use the option Alternative Certification and indicate the certification area.

What if my College / University is not listed in your table?

  • Leave it blank if you do not find your college/university. Check the table closely; for example, the University of Texas at Austin is listed as Texas University at Austin. A reminder in order to be considered for employment with the NEISD, all high school, college, and university transcripts and degrees must be from a school that is accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Do I have to provide past experience?

  • If you have prior experience, you should list it. This just helps us get to know you.

If I am an experienced teacher, do I have to list my student teaching experience?

  • If you have taught for five full years, you do not have to enter your student teaching experience.

If I have applied to NEISD before do I need to submit a new application?

  • Our applications are kept on file for 90 days. You can keep your file active by updating your information. Go into the online application as 'already applied'. Enter your UserID (if you don't remember your UserID try your SSN, or your email address) and enter your password. If you have forgotten your password, click on your password hint. If you have forgotten your UserID please contact us. If you have difficulty call the Human Resources Department (210) 407-0188. We will be happy to assist you.

    I have an application on file. Can I submit a letter of intent and resume for a posted position?
  • Yes, you may submit as many letters of intent with a resume as you wish for posted positions. Only one application, however, is needed.