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college/university PRACTICUM/ intern STUDENTs

North East works with numerous accredited universities and colleges in the placement of practicum and intern students. The requirements of these placements are typically long term in nature. Students who wish to complete their course work with North East should complete the following procedures:


University Responsibilities

Step 1. Send an email to the individuals below with an official request.  Include the name of the intern, the start date and the length of placement:

      • HR Specialist, Davilyn Tate, at
      • District Coordinator (refer to the list below)

Note: The HR Specialist will request the university to sign a NEISD Student Intern Agreement before an intern is assigned to a North East campus.

Step 2. Direct your students to complete an online profile.  Click here for step by step instructions to create a profile. Inform your interns that a criminal background check will be completed, which must be cleared prior to working with students.


Student Responsibilities

Step 1.  All students requesting to intern at a North East campus are required to have an online profile.When the profile process has been completed, the Human Resources Department will complete a criminal background, which must be cleared prior to working with students. Please click here for step by step instructions to create a profile.

Step 2. Have your University email an official request to the following individuals:

  • Human Resources Specialist, Davilyn Tate at
  • District Coordinator (listed below)

Note: The request from the university will be verification that you are eligible to complete an internship.  The request should also inform us when you would like to begin your internship and of the length of your placement.

Step 3. Students may contact the District Coordinator to make arrangements on placement details as soon as they receive an email from Human Resources as verification that their criminal background check is cleared.

Note: any student requesting an internship to complete more than 120 hours will be required to attend a Human Resources Orientation.  Detailed information on the orientation will be provided by the District Coordinator.

For further information, please contact the Human Resources Specialist, Davilyn Tate, at or 210-407-0479.


Occupational Therapist Practicum, Physical Therapy Practicum and Adaptive Physical Education Practicum, please email Terri Grundy, Program Coordinator at

Speech Language Pathologist Practicums, please email Leslie Redding, Program Coordinator, at

Deaf Support Specialist Interns, please email Sandra Alcazar, Hearing Impaired Program Coordinator at

Counseling Practicums, please email Kyra Bush, District Counseling Coordinator at

Librarian Practicums, please email Faye Hagerty, Director of Library Services at

Orientation and Mobility Specialist Internships, please contact Emily Leeper, Lead Orientation and Mobility Specialist at

Instructional Assistant Internships, please email Davilyn Tate, Human Resources Specialist at

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