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North East Independent School District supports approved alternative certification programs, which require the completion of field experience/clinical teaching requirements. Alternative Certification candidates must complete an online student application. The applicant’s background will be checked and clearance must be approved prior to processing. Observation opportunities are only available from September 1 thru April 17, 2014. Candidates may not observe on STARR testing dates. The District will make every effort to accommodate all requests; however, the school reserves the right to adjust the dates and times based on the school calendar.

ACP CANDIDATES: Please contact your program coordinator if you are interested in a placement at a campus in North East ISD. Your alternative certification program coordinator must contact the Human Resources Specialist, to request classroom observations or clinical teaching opportunities.

The NEISD Human Resources Staff Development Department must approve all field experience/observation requests and clinical teaching requests.  Below is the list of approved certification areas for field experience/clinical teaching opportunities:

Special Education
Languages other than English
Bilingual/English as a Second Language
Technology Application
Computer Science
Health Science Technology
Family Consumer Science Education
Technology Education
Deaf Hard of Hearing

Please follow the steps below:

1. All Candidates must complete an on-line Student (Field Experience/Observation Requests) application. 
2.  Clinical Teaching Requests: Program Coordinators must send an email to the Human Resources Specialist of Staff Development with details of the placement at
3. Classroom Observation Requests: Program Coordinators must submit requests directly to the Human Resources Specialist of Staff Development by completing a Field Experience/Observation Request Form for any classroom observations.  NOTE: CANDIDATES SHOULD NOT CONTACT THE CAMPUS OR THE DISTRICT OFFICE.
4.  Program Coordinators - Save the completed form to your desktop.  Submit it to Davilyn Tate ( as an email attachment.  All students must clear a criminal history check before the request will be approved and returned to you via email.
4.  Program Coordinators - Provide each student with a copy of the Approved Field Experience/Observation Request Form to present to the campus.


  • For login assistance call (210) 407-0188
  • Candidates should not contact the campus or the District office. 
  • All candidates must have a satisfactory outcome of the criminal history check before the request will be approved.
  • Please allow 10 business days for processing.

All student teachers and field experience student observers for the 2014 fall semester, please be advised that our student application process will be under construction beginning April 17. You may submit your application beginning August 1, 2014. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to seeing you next semester.

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