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Wood MS raises $2,415 for Children's Hospital

Specialized Support students at Wood

Specialized Support students at Wood MS and teacher, Elizabeth Cuellar, take a photo with the check.

Students in Specialized Support (formally known as Alternative Learning Experience) learned about "We Day," which celebrates kids helping other kids both locally and internationally. They were asked if kids could help other kids. Jonathon, a specialized support student, quickly said “no.” Immediately following Jakobe, a fellow student of Jonathon's, said “well, they won’t let us anyway.” Their teacher asked the class what they wanted to do to help.

One student, Alonso, remembered that part of the story said the students needed to raise money. The class decided to collect pennies by having a penny war. When asked who they wanted to help, Jakobe said, “You know the kids in the hospital, that are really, really sick with no hair.” So, the class agreed to donate the money to the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Child Life Department. The students made an appointment with Christine Lowak, principal, and presented their idea.

Students work on signs

After Principal Lowak's approval, the students made video announcements, posters, labeled the containers, and finally delivered the containers. During the week of May 5-9, Wood MS waged war! Pennies were positive, silver change and bills were negative. The second period that raised the most positive would win. The students and faculty showed their highly competitive and ever so sneaky sides. You could feel and see the sabotage all over campus!

After a week of sheer spiritedness, the buckets were collected. The students in Specialized Support spent 2 ½ hours sorting the pennies from the silver and bills. After all of the change was tallied, the phenomenal students and faculty help raise $2,415! Hillary Norman’s second period won with the most positive $66.15. A special thanks to teachers, George Parker and Delvoda Harris' second period class for collecting the most overall, $303.99. “I am amazed at the remarkable job the Wood M.S. family did to help our students learn that kids can help kids," said Elizabeth Cuellar, Specialized Support teacher. A special thanks to Mark Wilder, assistant principal at Driscoll Middle School, for lending the campus the containers. An additional thanks goes out to RBFCU (Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union) for being friendly and patient while school staff counted around $1,800 in change.


Driscoll Middle School donated containers for the campaign.

Posted on June 04, 2014