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Wilshire Writing Camp prepares students for STAAR

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Fourth grade students at Wilshire Elementary School participated in writing camp for several days to prepare for the STAAR Writing Test. Check out some amazing samples of work the students achieved:

Expository Example – Wilshire Elementary School
Destini – Dina Martinez’ 4th grade class

My dad, my brother, and my grandmas are all caring people, but my mom is the best! I think my mom is the most considerate person on Earth! First of all, my kind hero teaches me how to play volleyball. My caring hero shows me how to play volleyball because it is an active sport. That means she plays volleyball with me a lot.

The most important thing is that my beautiful, talented, helpful hero is a great mechanic. I know for a fact that she is a great mechanic because she restarted a 20 year old car. Also, I remember when our car broke down on the side of the rode and she got out of the car, suddenly….Vroom, Vroom! The car started!

The third thing is that she’s super smart. That means she had good grades. I remember she showed me a picture of herself when she got an A+. Furthermore, everyone has a hero and this one’s mine. Without my mom in my life it would be like a zombie apocalypse because I would be fighting for my life.

Personal Narrative Example – Wilshire Elementary School
Haylie – Mrs. De la Cruz’ 4th grade class

“Mom, do I have to go?” I asked. My mom had told me previously that I have to go to a overnight dance camp because she didn’t want me to be bored over the weekend but I really didn’t want to. “Plus I heard you can really get hurt,” I said with worry. “You’re being over dramatic,” My mom said. I looked down at my mom’s phone and saw my dance coach’s phone number.

At this point, I was willing to try anything. I kept trying to convince my mom to let me stay home but mom said, “I know you don’t wanna…”. I cut her off, “ I REALLY don’t wanna go.” Mom kept speaking, “but you’re going to have lots of fun!” After that I couldn’t take it anymore I could feel my cheeks tingling and my lip quivering then it happened all the tears came streaming down my face. Then my mom felt bad but she made me go anyways.

The whole car ride was me begging to stay home but still she didn’t crack! The fact that I still had to go drove me nuts! I can’t help to think about going to that dance camp. About 5 minutes later we finally pulled up to dance camp. When I walked inside, my mom introduced me to my dance instructor, Ms. Mandi. She was really nice and I thought to myself, “Maybe I might have some fun,” but I kept that to myself otherwise my mom would say,” I told you so!”

After we dropped off our stuff on our bunks I went to go make some new friends. I’m still in touch with Maya, Tyler, and Tish to this day! Then we went to learn some new dance routines to our favorite songs. My mom came to pick me up. “Did you have fun!” my mom asked. “Yes, I don’t wanna go!” I said. “That’s what I thought, Haylie.” My mom said. Now I know that next time I have this option I’ll know not to complain.

Posted on April 16, 2014