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Wilshire fourth graders make history come alive

Wax Museum

On May 23, the fourth graders at Wilshire Elementary School presented their Texas History Wax Museum. The entire school was able to come and hear about the lives and contributions of famous people in Texas, such as Stephen F. Austin, General Sam Houston, Quanah Parker and many more, as well as battles during the Texas Revolution.

Students conducted extensive research into the lives, struggles, and accomplishments of their chosen historical figure. Similarly, students researching the revolutionary battles investigated the causes, players, events, and outcomes of the battles. Next they wrote a research report and then transformed it into a first person speech showing their figure’s historical perspective.

The students faced the challenge of memorizing their speech, dressing in a period costume, as they made their projects come to life when parents, students, staff, administrators and district personnel tapped their shoulders. We are very proud of the hard work and creativity each student showed throughout this whole project.

Posted on June 04, 2014