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Commissioner of Education learns about Ed White program

Round table discussion

(L to R) Restorative discipline leaders, Asst. Principal Kevin Curtis and teacher, Elizabeth Washington, discuss their experience with the program to Principal Carney (center), Commissioner of Education Michael L. Williams and Bill Boyd.

It is a discipline program that has gained attention from educational leaders throughout the state of Texas, and now the Ed White Middle School Restorative Discipline program has caught the eye of Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams, who paid a visit to the campus on May 5. Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, superintendent of schools, administrative staff and members of the Ed White Leadership Team, including Principal Phillip Carney, were on hand to discuss details about the first-of-its-kind program.

A dynamic round table discussion revealed that the restorative discipline program all comes down to relationships.  This focus on relationships has Ed White seeing more than an 80 percent drop in off-campus suspensions, giving more students the opportunity to learn in the classroom.

Commissioner speaks with students.

Williams (far left) speaks to three students about the restorative discipline program.

Commissioner Williams had plenty of questions to ask, and even had the opportunity to speak to three students that have benefited from the program.  The students expressed that restorative discipline has minimized the amount of “drama” they deal with at school.

All the members of the leadership team and the students gave a vast amount of praise to fellow team member, Jacqueline Wade. The former administrative assistant to the assistant principal was brought back to the campus after her retirement to be part of the program, and has made a big impact at the campus.

The Restorative Discipline program is an alternative to “zero tolerance” to deal with conflicts among students. The program has campus leadership, teachers, students and parents communicating and actively listening to each other, giving students a voice and new perspective on conflict resolution.

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Posted on May 5, 2014