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Home depot brings spring to wetmore elementary school

Home Depot Volunteers and Jennifer Gearhart

The landscaping team takes a big group photo.

The Home Depot showed up at Wetmore Elementary School this spring to revitalize the campus grounds. This project has been in the works since first grade teacher, Jennifer Gearhart, partnered with Home Depot to bring gardens to Wetmore two years ago. She and principal, Jeffrey Owens, worked on a proposal to transform the two courtyards into inviting spaces that students and teachers could use for classroom activities.

With the help of Tim Wilkerson, Gulf Regional Manager for The Home Depot, Gearhart was able to present this project to Chance Lowry, the local District Manager. Lowry recruited employees at the Bitters Road and Sunset Road stores to make this vision a reality. However, he went a step further by teaming up with Scotts and Color Spot Nurseries to provide the materials for the project.

On a sunny Thursday, twenty-one volunteers and two truckloads of materials arrived at Wetmore. After a full day of hard work, not only had they completed the amazing courtyard transformation, but they painted the six outdoor garden beds and prepared them for new plants. To top it off, they added all the remaining plants to the school’s entrance.

The faculty and staff at Wetmore are in awe of the generosity of these volunteers and companies. Gearhart said, “There is no way we could have accomplished this on our own.” In a time of economic uncertainty, Home Depot, Scotts, and Color Spot Nurseries have proven they are fearlessly committed to giving back to the community. What a great example they set for this future generation!

Courtyard Before Courtyard during landscape.
The Front of the landscaping. The front before.
The gardens after. Pretty Donations
Gardens during Gardens before

Posted on March 31, 2014