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Tejeda special olympics athletes enjoy send off

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Tejeda Middle School's Special Olympics athletes were sent off to competition with a bang on March 21. The athletes began their day with the traditional Tejeda send off with the help of Tejeda PALS. They made their way down the hallways while students, faculty and staff stepped of class to show their enthusiasm by offering words of encouragement and lots of high fives.

Tejeda’s art department made a run through banner and many posters to support the athletes as they made their way to the bus. Tejeda’s band also took part in this great opportunity and played spirit songs while the athletes loaded the buses. The student athletes participated in running and field events during the day and were awarded ribbons and medals.

This event allows not only Tejeda, but the community, to appreciate the differences that we all have. The athletes experience such a sense of joy and achievement at this amazing event and are already excited for what they will participate in next year!

Posted on March 27, 2014