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MacTeach students go beyond tutoring, offering string lessons


This Burmese student from Serna enjoys is violin lesson.

Students involved in the MacTeach program at MacArthur High School are going above and beyond just tutoring students at Serna. The program is now offering string lessons for students to enjoy.

“For students, school is already filled with overwhelming challenges. However, having a language deficiency only adds to a student’s frustration. This is especially true where the Burmese children are concerned," said MacTeach coordinator, Steve Davidson. "While we are confident that the MacTEACH Tutoring Program for the Burmese Children helps with their academic goals, we also realize that music provides for an entirely new kind of connection, one that does not necessarily involve high doses of oral language skills."

MacTeach students

MacTeach students have a great time teaching students.

Davidson feels that the program breaks through the language barrier for the students. "The beauty of 'Strings for the Burmese Children' is that it allows for what language itself cannot," said Davidson. "It’s an opportunity to build self-esteem and help enable them to overcome so much of what so many of us take for granted.”

“I feel appreciative of Mr. Davidson’s vision for the Burmese children, I knew I could help take it to another level," said lead MacArthur student, Farry Seddighzadeh. "Using my experience as a member of The Youth Orchestras of San Antonio, and a violinist, I created an opportunity to morph together two things that I love; music and teaching, thus using the two to further the incredible impact MacTEACH has on the Burmese students."

Farry hopes to open up an entirely new world for the children to love and appreciate. This new world will offer opportunities, as their interest in music education grows.

"For these Burmese children, this is just the start," said Farry.

Posted on April 10, 2014